New Year 2021: 4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly New year

    New Year 2021: 4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly New year

    The good holiday of zero waste! There are many options for those who want to make their year-end celebrations a bit more environment-friendly from decorations to the menu to festive presents. And maybe some hard-earned pennies could be spared.

    From second-hand to zero packaging

    This moment, when the donation budget is small, it is all the more reason to think about providing old or undesirable products with a new way of life, whether it is an updated iPhone, restored toys, or antique clothes from a website.

    Plus, consider buying goods using minimal packaging whenever possible, especially when shopping straight in the shops. Packaging material should be preserved and reused for the packaging of donations when buying inline (tissue paper, brown paper, etc.).

    If the wrap is a type of art

    While we’re struggling with wrapping presents, why not try “Furoshiki” — traditional Japanese craft, which in recent years has risen in popularity elsewhere. It mostly entails cutting out old fabrics and folding or tieing scraps to make beautiful gift wrappings.

    If the wrap is a type of art

    If the stores, shoeboxes, and old newspapers are just your home, why not just use them? And why not? These alternatives are not only free, but they also save you from purchasing rolls and rolls of gift paper that can be sweet, glossy, and far less environmentally friendly.

    Greener diet

    Western holiday recipes tend to rely more on flavor and indulgence than on environmentally-friendly foods from factory-farmed salmon to caviar from sturgeon eggs (a species endangered).

    Animal products will all be cut absolutely out and supplemented with plant food – most of it to the horror of Christmas purists. The most environmentally sustainable alternative of all. A solution will be to select free meat and fished seafood safely. Why do you not try plant-based caviar, for example, if vegetarians and vegans are on your list?

    Decorations recyclable or edible

    When food and presents have been worked out it is time for decoration to think about. Forget the holly plastic and tinsel, switch rather to pine cones and sprigs in the forests.

    Foodies will make even edible decorations like table chocolate, edible tableware (yes, that’s a thing), or tree hanging cookies. Your visitors will certainly complete your creativeness as well as saving money!

    Rajat Singh
    A Bioinformatics Masters degree from the G.N Khalsa Science and Commerce College (Mumbai). Blogger by choice and an enthusiastic person with a technical background and passion.

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