National Safety Day 2021: Understand the purpose of the Day

National Safety Day 2021: Understand the purpose of the Day

National Safety Day in the country is celebrated on 4 March every year. Its main aim is to raise awareness of safety and prevent accidents across the country.

New Delhi: Today is celebrated throughout the country as National Safety Day (National Safety Day). National Safety Day is currently being celebrated as National Safety Week. The main goal of the day is to sensitize people about safety and prevent accidents throughout the country.

The objective of National Safety Day

During National Safety Week, many awareness programs are organized across the country to raise awareness about ways to avoid industrial accidents. Currently, National Security Day is a day for thousands of soldiers and the security department deployed to protect the country’s borders.

History of National Safety Day

The National Security Council has taken the initiative to establish a National Security Day. The National Security Day began on 4 March 1972. On this day, the National Safety Council was set up in India. This is why this day is celebrated as National Safety Day.

The National Security Council is a non-governmental organization and a non-profit organization. This organization was set up in 1966 in accordance with the Mumbai Societies Act, which included 8,000 members.

The Theme of National Safety Day

Celebrated every year with a different theme. The theme of National Security Day in the year 2020 was “Salute to the security personnel”, “Safety of industrial institutions” in 2019, “Safety is not our priority, it is our value” in 2018, “Protect each other” in 2017, 2016 ” There was such a security movement in which there is no harm to the people ”.

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