National Digital Health Mission: Learn how it will benefit Indians

National Digital Health Mission: Learn how it will benefit Indians

The National Digital Health Mission launched its blueprint last year. The objective is to ensure effective and affordable coverage of health through a variety of data and infrastructure services.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared in his Independence Day speech, a new health project in the name of the National Health Mission.

National Digital Health Mission: Learn how it will benefit Indians
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation during Independence Day celebrations at the historic Red Fort in Delhi, India, August 15, 2020. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

The initiative will provide every individual in the country with a health identity and support the vulnerable. The Prime Minister said that whatever drug a doctor prescribed, once the reports were issued, all that knowledge would be connected to the health status of a citizen.

This will be another government initiative, such as Ayushman Bharat.

What is the National Digital Health Mission?

Last year, the program blueprint was introduced. The goal is to ensure adequate and reliable coverage of health across a combination of data and technology services.

The key feature of this mission is technology – open digital systems will be used to provide everyone with high-quality healthcare. This would leverage a variety of digital health technologies in order to create a health information technology ecosystem.

The Government said it would maintain personal information’s protection and privacy.

What is a health identification?

Everyone in the country will receive a Digital Health ID, a digital database of all health information that is connected to the doctors’ and health care registries throughout the country.

The framework has been developed to enhance health service delivery quality, efficiency and accountability. Health recognition will be available as a mobile app or website page.

Feedback from different stakeholders, who would be part of the project, is sought by the government. The Government said that it would be free to join in the initiation.

Minister for Health of the Union Harsh Vardhan said last year, at the start of the programme, that by implementing Ayushma Bharat Yojana and other IT-enabled programs such as Reproductive Child Healthcare, and NIKSHAY, the government has made a historical mark.

National Digital Health Mission: Learn how it will benefit Indians

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