Mumbai Metro services to restart from tomorrow: Govt Maharashtra

    Mumbai Metro services to restart from tomorrow: Govt Maharashtra

    • In a tweet to Mumbai Metro, Govt has been congratulated on the resumption of services and has declared a restart on 19 October following the inspection and test runs.
    • In order to minimise congestion, shops and markets will remain open till 9 pm from tomorrow for two more hours.

    Today the government of Maharashtra declared that from tomorrow, 15 October Metro railway services can be run in Mumbai in a precautionary manner.

    In the background of the novel ‘coronavirus’ pandemic, the declaration came with a variety of other relaxed effects within the fresh guidelines of the state government for the month of October.

    In tweets, Mumbai Metro thanked the state government for its re-establishment and said that the passenger services will resume after inspection and trial runs on 19 October, Monday at 8:30 am.

    The state government has also announced the reopening of public and private libraries, among other relaxations.

    It also permitted trade exhibitions from outside containment areas for business to business from tomorrow.

    It would also be possible to set up local weekly bazars, including animal bazars, outside containment areas.

    In order to reduce the crowd, markets and shops may remain open for two more hours from tomorrow until 21 pm.

    The government has substantially decided to abolish indelible ink stamping for domestic passengers coming to the various airports following the tests of COVID-19.

    In the same way, passengers at rail stations will be prohibited from screening for health and stamping.

    Mumbai Metro services to restart from tomorrow: Govt Maharashtra

    The government added, however, that schools, colleges, educational institutions and coaching institutions in the state are closed to students and normal classroom activities are not allowed until the end of October.

    However, 50% of teachers may be called to inline teaching schools from October 15.

    Movie stores, gyms and places of worship will have to be shut down.

    Furthermore, the town lifeline is also being served increasingly by local trains from Mumbai for some services. Currently, travelling by local rail is authorised by employees in critical services, Mumbai Dabbawalas and staff from international consulates and high commissions.

    Furthermore, as notified by the Government of Maharashtra tomorrow, the Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways has agreed to supplement 194 trains for those engaged in critical service activities.

    It was determined that social isolation would be maintained and that the pandemic would prevent overcrowding.

    Meanwhile, on the second consecutive day, the number of fresh cases in Maharashtra of COVID-19 was below 10,000 on Tuesday.

    The State added 8,522 new infections to a total of 15,43,837 a day after registering 7,089 COVID-19 cases, it said.

    A total toll of 187 deaths increased to 40,701, according to a health official.

    After daily treatment a total of 15,356 patients discharged with 12,97,252 of recoveries.

    There are now 2,05,415 active cases left.

    The health department said that 1,325 new cases increased the count of Mumbai to 2,32,391, while the fatality figure increased by 38 to 9,507.

    Mumbai Metro services to restart from tomorrow: Govt Maharashtra

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