Mumbai Locals open to all from 1st February with time restrictions

Mumbai Locals open to all from 1st February with time restrictions

The time limit does not benefit students and other workers since they cannot travel during peak hours.

The Government of Maharashtra agreed, after a long wait for Mumbaikars, to allow the general public to travel by local train from 1 February. Timing constraints will however be imposed to control the crowd. It has been agreed to encourage the general public to travel before 7 am, between 12 noon to 4 pm and after 9 pm.

The Government of Maharashtra extended its lock-down restrictions on Friday until 28 February.

Mumbai local - Mumbai Locals open to all from 1st February with time restrictions

“As Chairperson of the State Executive Committee, I hereby issue the instructions to ensure that the operationalization guidelines for the “Start Again Mission” for the easing of restrictions and phase-in opening of Covid-20 epidemics in the state and all Maharashtra departments remain in place until February 28 for the containment of Covid-19 epidemic.

Since suburban trains are the lifeline for Mumbaikars, the demand to resume services for all has increased. The government has adopted a measured strategy to reopen facilities since the Covid-19 pandemic has struck the country hardest. The government has allowed emergency workers, teaching staff, non-teachers, lawyers, women passengers, and people with disabilities, to travel by local trains during the process of unlocking. But it wasn’t available to everyone so far.

From 29 January, the number of trains was almost increased, but the services were not available to all. Since schools were partly opened and other institutions were restored, the authorities were forced to accept students and other commuters. The limited schedule does not meet students and other staff, but the authorities have finally allowed everyone to take up the services.

The Mumbai suburban trains run Central Railway and Western Railway. The railway authorities said that their services were ready to move to the next stage, but the government didn’t give them a lead.

On Fridays, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray declared that shops would stay open until 11 p.m. and restaurants until 1 a.m.

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