Mumbai: Covid tests fall in town when door-to-door checks stop

Mumbai: Covid tests fall in town when door-to-door checks stop

Regular volumes of Covid-19 tests have decreased by nearly 40 per cent in three weeks in Mumbai. Tests not only help diagnose cases but also map high-incidence areas and plan action by health authorities. One explanation for low testing is an end to intensive door-to-door monitoring.

On the 23rd of March, BMC announced that it would perform more than 40,000 RAT daily checks on crowded sites, and the partial lockout announced later resulted in malls and tourist sites being closed off. No crowds are to be checked, a municipal official said. The testing between suppliers has decreased, given that vegetable markets (where BMC regularly uses RAT) only operate in the morning.

Home Care: Affluent patients begin home therapy before testing and have a comprehensive treatment protocol sent to them by their doctors. Since an RT-PCR test is a must for hospitalisation, doctors recommend it if the condition worsens.

Reduced rates of RT PCR tests: BMC officials believe the reduced rate of RT PCR testing has demotivated home laboratories. Tests now cost Rs 600 to 800 from Rs 4,500 in March 2020.

The BMC campaign ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ in September 2020 led to community health workers surveying (and checking, where necessary) each house in the ward. Aggressive home-to-home surveillance was stopped. CHVs now monitor optimistic patients until 2 pm every day.

No quarter-day test: An ‘RT-PCR test once a quarter’ law became obligatory for delivery employees, hotel/restaurant personnel and industrial workers at the beginning of April. It was relaxed to relieve the laboratory pressure. A subsequent rule (which requires an RT-PCR negative report for the non-vaccinated critical workers) was also relaxed.

Less high-risk contacts: The number of high-risk connections is correspondingly smaller than before as frequent detections decrease.

Mumbai: Covid tests fall in town when door-to-door checks stop

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