Mumbai company receives clearance in patients with coronavirus for clinical trials

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Mumbai company receives clearance in patients with coronavirus for clinical trials, Glenmark is the name!

Today, the Drug Controller General of India approval has been obtained for the clinical trial of anti-viral favipiravir medication in patients with coronavirus. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Mumbai. This is a generic Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Co. version of Avigan. Japan, Ltd. Ltd. The news is now 9 per cent higher for Glenmark shares.

“FAVIPIRAVIR has demonstrated activity in the treatment of novel influenza viruses and has received approval in Japan. Multiple clinical trials in COVID-19 were initiated in China, Japan and the US recently, following the COVID-19 outbreak,” Glenmark said.

Glenmark said it was approved in mild to moderate patients for conducting the trial.

“Within Indian Clinical Trial Protocol approved, 150 subjects with mild to moderate COVID-19 will be randomized to Favipiravir with Standard Support Care and/or standalone Standard Support, with a 1:1 ratio to Favipiravir”. Treatment life is the first pharmaceutical company approved in India by the regulator for the initiation of the COVID-19 trial in Indian patients.

After having successfully developed the IPP and the formulations through its R&D team at home, Glenmark has been prepared to begin clinical Favipiravir testing on COVId-19 patients in India immediately,” said Sushrut Kulkarni, Executive Vice President, Global R&D, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The clinical trial will tell us how efficient this molecule is for COVID-19 patients. “He also added:” Favipirevir could be a possible treatment for COVID-19 patients if the clinical trials are successful.

Strides Pharma Science Ltd also said it had developed and sold favipiravir antiviral tablets on Wednesday, and had applied it for testing by the authorities.

In another development, preliminary results of a government study in the USA demonstrate that Gilead Sciences Inc patients recovered faster than those given placebo with their experimental antiviral medication remdesivir.

In discussions with Gilead, the US Food and Drug Administration said that remdesivir was available to patients as soon as possible but the agency refused to comment on any plans for approval.

Mumbai company receives clearance in patients with coronavirus for clinical trials!

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Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh
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