Moderna | Vaccine 100% effective against severe COVID

Moderna | Vaccine 100% effective against severe COVID

Moderna reported that by the end of this year the vaccine, which is called mRNA-1273, is estimated to have about 20 million doses in the United States.

On 30 November, Moderna Inc announced that after the final outcome of a trial, its vaccine has shown 94.1 per cent to be safe, it will be seeking emergency use authorisation from the Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and from European regulators of its Vaccine COVID-19. Reuters news agency announced that it also has reported a 100 per cent success rate in combating serious cases.

“We assume we have a very powerful vaccine, which we now have evidence of said Dr Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer for Moderna during an interview”. Moderna hopes that it will “majorly contribute to tackling this pandemic“.

“It was the first time I allowed myself to cry. At this level of effectiveness, when you just get to realise what it means for the pandemic that is raging around us, it’s just overwhelming”.

Reports had indicated earlier than expected on 16 November that Moderna Inc’s COVID-19 experimental vaccine is more robust at temperature than standard refrigerators can supply and can be distributed via existing cold-chain ship and storage facilities.

Of the 196 volunteers who acquired COVID-19 in the study, 185 received a placebo while 11 received the vaccine. The vaccine in Moderna was confirmed to be 100% effective in preventing the extreme cases — all of them within the placebo community.

“As the number of reported cases grows, confidence grows that this amazing protection will be sustained in a product that can be rolled out to protect the public,” said Alexander Edwards, associate professor of biomedicine at the University of Reading in Great Britain.

Moderna also said it will request conditional consent by the European Medicines Agency, which has already begun an ongoing review of its data and intends to discuss it with other regulators. In addition, its US application was submitted.

In the USA and Europe, Pfizer has already applied for a permission of emergency use which is roughly a week ahead of Moderna.

Moderna confirms Vaccine is 100% effective against COVID

Moderna said that by the end of 2020, it had around 20 million doses of its vaccine ready to be delivered in the United States, adequate for 10 million people to be inoculated.

Both vaccines are using the latest technology known as synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA), while others use more conventional methods to manufacture their vaccines, such as British AstraZeneca.

In a subgroup of patients who received half a dose and a full dosage, the average efficacy rate for the shooting of 70% and 90% was reported by AstraZeneca. However, some scientists have questioned the robustness of the 90 per cent effectiveness for the smaller group.

Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccine was more effective than predicted and were far higher than the US Food and Drugs Administration’s 50% benchmark (FDA).

The promising vaccine results for the last couple of weeks have highlighted expectations of an end to an ecologically daunting pandemic with new infections and the record number of COVID-9 hospitals in the United States.

Independent FDA advisors are planned to review Moderna’s data for tests and make a recommendation to the FDA on 17 December.

On December 10, they will meet to review Pfizer’s data. Moderna predicts that the drug will be sold in the United States shortly after receiving authorisation of emergency use by the Warp Speed programme of the government, and McKesson Corp, a drug dealer contracted by the US government.

Their distribution would probably be simpler than that of Pfizer, as the ultracold temperature needed by Pfizer is not required while it must be stored in a freezer.

Before the end of the year, Moderna plans to launch another trial to test vaccines in younger volunteers before 2021.

It hopes that by September the vaccine will be available for teenagers, Zaks said. Some vaccine manufacturers have also told young people that they are studying their vaccines.

Moderna | Vaccine 100% effective against severe COVID.

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