Mascherina Biotech: U-Mask – Biotech Mask

Mascherina Biotech: U-Mask – Biotech Mask.

U-earth has created a completely new product by harnessing the potential of biotechnology. U-Mask not only removes air pollutants on the surface of the mask, but kills them within it.

The normal reusable individual security covers resemble all film channels that have a negative viewpoint because of the potential aggregation and development of microbes between the layers that multiply between employments. This is the motivation behind why dispensable veils are utilized in clinical situations and ought not to be utilized for more than one move.

The Refill has an inward self-sterilizing layer, an imaginative regular and completely non-harmful innovation for people, which offers ensured results for at any rate 150-200 hours of successful use.

The Idea


They have identified, together with a team of Italian researchers, a molecule capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes that severely limit the risk of contracting multidrug-resistant microorganisms and transmitting pathogens among humans.

It is a polymeric mixture containing a natural active ingredient that is fixed thanks to a proprietary procedure on a filtration fabric layer.

The new molecule identified by U-earth ® researchers has shown incredible power to reduce the bacterial load during laboratory tests and is fully effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


This proprietary BioLayer TM formula destroys pathogens, instead of merely blocking them, thanks to its special ingredients.

It guards you and those around you.

The Level of Protection

U-mask Model 2 has been specifically designed to limit people’s contagion and is a lasting personal protective shield, perfect for reducing the wearer ‘s exposure to diseases and contaminants in the air, as well as protecting those who might be infected.

Explore the product here.

Mascherina Biotech: U-Mask – Biotech Mask

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