Maharashtra To Lift Lockdown Restrictions From Monday: All you need to know

Maharashtra To Lift Lockdown Restrictions From Monday: All you need to know

Late in the night, on Friday, Maharashtra unveiled its five-level unlock strategy by lifting locking limitations starting Monday. Based on Covid’s positive rate and availability of oxygen beds in the state the lock-down in Maharashtra would be relaxed. The order will be executed on Monday.

Maharashtra To Lift Lockdown Restrictions From Monday: All you need to know

According to a statement, “Lockdown limitations in the Maharashtra region would be loosened based on the COVID positive rates and availability of oxygen beds.” The degree of relaxation in these districts was decided on the severity level of Covid-19.

According to the recommendations, the Public Health Department will examine the situation every Thursday.

All you need to know about the five-level unlock plan in Maharashtra:

LEVEL 1 – Cities/Towns

Every district in which the Covid case positive rate is 5% or below and the occupancy of hospital beds is below 25% is below level 1. These districts are entirely unlocked and all activities are typically continued.

It is permitted to open all areas, including public transport, cultural events, stores, restaurants, sports, theatres, malls, factories, private and government offices.

All shops may remain open for regular hours. Without limitations, marriages, funerals, industry and building can resume. With the consent of the local disaster management authority, local trains have been permitted.

Manufacturing and other businesses can also resume without any restrictions in level 1 and 2 locations.

LEVEL 2 – Cities/Towns

Cities and districts with 5% Covid case-positive rates and 25-40% hospital bed occupancy shall be included in level 2. All Level 1 restrictions apply at Level 2.

Section 144 shall continue to apply in districts falling below level 2. Mumbai collapses at unlocking plan level 2.

A 50% occupancy will allow theatres, malls, restaurants, gyms, lounges and beauty shops to function. The general public shall not be permitted to operate local trains.

All shops may remain open for regular hours. Local trains for the general public shall not be permitted. Section 144 is in place, that is to say, not more than five individuals can meet in public spaces.

LEVEL 3 – Cities/Towns

All regions where the Covid case positive rate is 5-10%, and hospital bed occupancy is below 40-60%, fall below level 3.

The shop selling vital things may remain open until 4 pm every day and non-essentials can only work on weekdays. Centres and theatres are closed. Section 144 applies in the areas of level 3.

Gyms, lounges are only opening till 4 p.m. Restaurants may remain open on weekdays until 4 p.m. Only take-away services are allowed after 4 p.m. Construction activities with 50 per cent of staff will be allowed. Private workplaces may remain open for weekdays until 4 p.m.

Only necessary personnel and women can utilise local trains. Parks and gardens can be open between 5 a.m. and 9 am.

LEVEL 4 – Cities/Towns

Areas having a positivity rate of 10-20 per cent and 60-75 per cent occupancy rate will come under level 4.

The shops selling essentials can stay open till 4 pm on all days. No movement post 5 pm and none on weekends. The manufacturing sector will be allowed to open with 50 per cent capacity. Public transport will be allowed at 50 per cent capacity. Section 144 will continue.

LEVEL 5 – Cities/Towns

Cities and districts that have a positivity rate of 20 per cent and above and occupancy rate above 75 per cent will fall under level 5. There would be no relaxation in such areas. An e-pass is required to travel to/from any city/district which comes under level 5.

The news comes one day after Maharashtra Minister of cabinet Vijay Wadettiwar stated limitations would be relaxed in 18 out of 36 state districts according to the positive rate of cases and occupation of hospital beds. However, a couple of hours later, the state government clarified that no limitations on Covid have yet been abolished.

On Friday, Maharashtra reported 14,152 new cases for Covid-19 and 289 deaths, with a caseload of 58,05,565 and a death rate of 98,771. So on the sixth straight day, the state reported fewer than 20,000 instances.

Recoveries outpaced new infections, with 20,852 patients discharged from the hospitals, pushing 55,07,058 patients. The number of active cases decreased to 1.96,894 below two lakh.

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