macOS Big Sur update is now open to download, here’s how to get it

macOS Big Sur update is now open to download, here’s how to get it

MacOS Big Sur is now available for download. Here’s how to get the new OS on your Mac.

Apple’s newest macOS Big Sur operating system can be downloaded now as a free upgrade app for all consumers, assuming the Mac is compliant. The newly built operating system contains modified Map & Message applications and significant Safari web browser enhancements (we have added and used some of the best recent MacOS Big Sur features).

First announced at the annual Global Developers Conference in June, MacOS Big Sur was held in Apple. Apple launched new Mac computers with the newest edition of Big Sur, which is designed to run on certain devices at the interactive event on Tuesday. As the Applications manager said during the event and you can see more protection on your computer. Apps will operate better and more efficiently.

How to have MacOS Major Sur mounted

Take the following steps if you want to update MacOS Major Sur:

  1. Just to be sure, back up your Mac. When you change, you won’t lose missing everything.
  2. Make sure you run OS X 10.9 or older, and you have 4GB of storage and 35.5GB of storage available.
  3. Go to sur on your Mac. Or go to Device Preferences > Upgrade Program to see MacOS Major Sur. Click Update Now anyway. The download starts immediately but will take about one hour for my MacBook Air.

You will be running on MacOS Big Sur until you download and install the upgrade and restart your device.

Also, if you haven’t already, you can now update both iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

macOS Big Sur update is now open to download, here’s how to get it

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