Keep your pets away if you are infected with Coronavirus

Keep your pets away if you are infected with Coronavirus, A dog that was tested positive dies in Hong Kong.

The owner told the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Conservation. After the owner was infected, the animal was examined and tested positive. The woman of 60 years is stable.

As its owner registered (aged 60), the dog that contracted the coronavirus died at the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Although the animal tested the “weakly positive” for the virus initially, no signs were detected and were quarantined on Saturday after negative test results.

The initial diagnosis revealed that the dog had a coronavirus infection and was taken to a testing center. After the oral and nasal examinations, the pathogen was detected and the result was positive.

The animal was examined to find the infection certainly. In these second samples, he was subsequently declared free of the coronavirus because the tests of these samples did not reveal evidence of the disease.

As a consequence, the World Organization for Animal Health has warned of disease-sharing among animals and people. It is also recommended, before more information is available about the disease, that people with coronavirus should not approach animals.

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Keep your pets away if you are infected with Coronavirus

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