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Jetpack Boost – An Ultimate Web Vitals WordPress Plugin By Automattic

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Jetpack Boost – An Ultimate Web Vitals WordPress Plugin By Automattic

WordPress plugin repository with a pre-release edition of the Automattic Core Web Vitals plugin for optimization. Coming up with the final edition.

Automattic has already published a plugin to deal with the hard work of better web vital performance. At present, the plug-in is being tested and not intended for use at live plants.

The jetpack boost plugin is currently available in version 0.9.19 on the official plugin repository. In the next week or so, they may be available in a full 1.0 update.

Jetpack Boost remains open, with the addition of new functionality in the future. Additional premium features may also be provided which automate certain features. However, the purpose of the plugin is to help, whether it is free or premium.

Official Statement on Jetpack Boost

The plugin is not intended for live output according to Automattic. It is currently available on a testing platform for download as a pre-release app. For test purposes, it is an alpha stage programme.

The aim of Jetpack Boost is to give WordPress Websites a simple solution for enhancing user experience in speed metrics and core Web vitality.

Some WordPress plugins designed to speed measurements need certain technical expertise to make maximum use of their ability.

However, the Jetpack Boost is intended as a simple one-click solution for site pace. While the existing alpha version accelerates three places, Boost could expand to include more features, particularly as developers receive more feedback.

Screenshot of Jetpack Boost Dashboard

Screenshot of Jetpack Boost dashboard

Features of the Jetpack Boost Plugin

The new Jetpack website speed optimization plugin has three main features that may grow to include more.

  1. Local Critical CSS
  2. Defer Non-essential JavaScript
  3. Lazy Image Loading

Before you use

Jetpack Boost is planned for very fast operation. All you have to do is instal the plugin and turn on the required modules.

Warning: As already indicated, this plugin is an alpha version, a beta intended for use in testing on a website that is not live on the internet.

Publishers with a lot of custom JavaScript may need to make sure that their JavaScript is not broken by the Defer JavaScript module.

That being said, in a couple of weeks’ time Jetpack Boost will release version 1.0.

In the future, the plugin will have more features. Jetpack Boost so far looks like a promising plugin for speed optimization.

It is currently in a trial version before publication, but the complete version will soon be available for Live sites.

Citation Plugin Page for Jetpack Boost By Automattic, XWP

Jetpack Boost – An Ultimate Web Vitals WordPress Plugin By Automattic

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Rajat Singh
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