How to watch the SpaceX launch?

How to watch the SpaceX launch?

A space mission to the International Space Station will begin for the first time since 2011, from US soil transporting two passengers. The first time a private spacecraft has brought astronauts into orbit, it will also celebrate – and you can see the entire action live.

Astronauts from NASA Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are going to be on the SpaceX capsule (known as the Crew Dragon) to be carried by a Falcon9 rocket in orbit. The SpaceX task will be a test of NASA partnership with the US Aerospace Industry as part of the commercial crew program.

On Wednesday, 27 May the flight is currently scheduled for 4:33PM ET. That could change if the weather is not working — if this is written, there are only 50 percent chances of good weather at the launch location. But the launch site’s weather is only part of the equation: NASA and SpaceX are also monitoring the Atlantic. If anything goes wrong during launch, an emergency landing would be carried out in the capsule and officials want to see clear conditions in any possible landing zone.

NASA will be covering the event as it happens, beginning at 12PM ET on Wednesday, May 27th, and continuing until the Crew Dragon docks at the space station, which is planned for 11:29 AM ET on Thursday, May 28th.


SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will take off from the company’s launch site on Wednesday, May 27th, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Scheduled launch time: New York: 4:33PM / San Francisco: 1:33PM / London: 9:33PM / Berlin: 10:33PM / Moscow: 11:33PM / New Delhi: 2:03AM (May 28th) / Beijing: 4:33AM (May 28th) / Tokyo: 5:33AM (May 28th) / Melbourne: 6:33AM (May 28th)

How to watch the SpaceX launch?

Live stream: NASA is live-streaming the event on YouTube or on its website for desktop viewing. SpaceX will also be live-streaming the event on its YouTube channel.

How to watch the SpaceX launch? Don’t miss the lauch!

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