How To Stay Safe & Healthy During Christmas?

    How To Stay Safe & Healthy During Christmas?

    As Christmas approaches, the continued growth of COVID-19 indicates that you remain secure and protected. While vaccinations will soon be released, the time isn’t ripe.

    Dr Vijay Singh, Chief Hospital Executive of the Medical Center of Bayonne, gave an interview with the Bayonne Community News.

    Stay home! Stay Safe!

    The biggest precaution is to stop flight, according to Singh. People who have cough, fever, or other flu-like symptoms should discourage travel, stay home, separate themselves, and test COVID-19.

    Similar care should be taken for those who are to assemble in Thanksgiving by Singh. You may have already begun to self-isolate for 14 days if you intend to hold small meetings.

    How To Stay Safe & Healthy During Christmas?

    There is a chance of virus transmission if a person hasn’t been in quarantine since 10 December. They could spread COVID-19 even though people don’t show symptoms.

    Singh said to discourage handshakes and embraces when welcoming family members. Keep remote from society and stop meeting in small places.

    Just two families with a small number of members should be together.

    Wear masks often, particularly for elderly people, children under the age of 16, pregnant women, and pre-existing women.

    These subsets are prone to COVID-19 infections because of low immunity or compromised immune systems.

    Avoid singing. While Christmas carols may be festive, singing releases potential COVID-19 aerosols and droplets in the surrounding air at a higher rate than just speaking.

    Taking Command

    Singh said that meals should be cooked separately in advance. In the kitchen, there should not be more than two or three people.

    It is very dangerous to spend a lot of time with others in the kitchen cooking meals. Anyone may be an asymptomatic carrier, so high-risk behaviors should be avoided.

    Families should be taken away or supplied with food, according to Singh.

    “Don’t spend too long preparing food in the kitchen,” says Singh. “When you try to roast, you won’t wear a mask. This is nature’s impulse. Intuitively, during cooking people would not wear masks.”

    At the same table, the family does not gather to eat simultaneously.

    Singh recommends amazing recipes to discourage us from eating without masks at the table. The aged should first feed, and the children should eat with their parents.

    Masks should protect the nose as long as the mouth is unveiled when feeding.

    Post-Christmas  growth

    A rise in cases was attributed to holidays. Singh said the latest increase can be attributed to Thanksgiving meetings in Bayonne.

    In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, Singh accurately estimated a rise in the number and pace of hospitalizations. The COVID-19 occupancy was about 10 to 12 percent prior to Thanksgiving at the Bayonne Medical Centre. It’s almost doubled anywhere between 22 and 25 percent.

    There have also been rises since Halloween and July 4. Singh said that after Christmas the hospital expects and estimates another upturn.

    Singh also said that during the first cycle, Bayonne Medical Center doesn’t see patients as seriously ill. Fewer patients need fan intubation and need no critical attention.

    According to Singh, the best way to stay safe and healthy during the Christmas season is to avoid traveling, avoid congregating, wear masks, and avoid those most at-risk of contracting COVID-19.

    How To Stay Safe & Healthy During Christmas?

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