How to handle the skin after using the mask excessively

    How to handle the skin after using the mask excessively

    Using a mask is one of the best things you can do to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. But it’s risky to wear a mask all day long. Besides sweater and respiratory problems, the term mask can also refer to the fact that acne is caused by long-term use of facial masks. People have also begun to complain of acne, dry skin and chapped lips.

    The mask’s created sweat, heat and friction can block pores, promote bacterial growth and cause skin problems. We have addressed the skin-related problems caused by masks with Dr Nivedita Dadu from Delhi to learn what to do.

    Use of Moisturizer

    You can cleanse your face with the right sort of cleanser and humidifier. Dr. Dadu suggests that you clean your skin with mild, gentle fragrance-free cleansers. She said that you should cleanse your face with cleansers after removing the mask and then use a moisturiser according to the types of your skin.

    “People with dry skin should be treated with a cream-based moisturiser, natural mixing the skin-based moisturiser with oily skin-based gel-based moisturiser,” she said. Purchase the humidifier that has the hydrogenation of ceramides and hyaluronic acid and make the skin soft.

    Use of Sunscreen

    Do not hesitate to use a sunscreen if you have to sit in the Sun for a long time. Sunscreens are known as the strongest of all for mineral or physical blockers. These sunscreens contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide according to a dermatologist and provide better protection for your skin.

    Petroleum jelly

    You can even chopp your lips with a mask for a long time. Petroleum jelly is also routinely used to make it soft. Before putting on the mask and before bedtime apply some petroleum jelly.

    Skip make-up

    The composition can complicate things and increase the risk of skin problems. Dr Dadu said, try to stop Makeup if possible if you are using a mask or just sticking to the Make-up of the eye. Make sure the product is non-comedogenic and oil-free even if you wear make-up.


    Exfoliation and masking will dry your skin and lead to irritation. If you have to wear a mask for a long time, use fewer exfoliators and retinol.

    Pick the best mask

    The mask you wear is also critical for the health of your skin. There are many great masks on the market, but not everyone is skin-friendly. The dermatologist recommends wearing a mask of airworthy fabrics such as cotton, warning that nylon and polyester have been used. The mask should suit you correctly, and after every use, you should wash it. You should wash your mask with warm water and hypoallergenic non-smelling detergent.

    How to handle the skin after using the mask excessively

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