How To Close Upstox Account In 2021?

    How To Close Upstox Account In 2021?

    Upstox accounts can be closed by sending a request form for the closure of an account. You can download an empty PFD form for closing the account on the Upstox website.

    Please note that you cannot close the Upstox account online or contact us via telephone or chat. It is an offline process in which you have to sign and submit a paper form to the Upstox office.

    Steps for Upstox Account Closure

    • Open
    • Go to Help >> Download Forms in the top menu.
    • Go to ‘Forms of Account Adjustment’
    • Download the ‘Closure of Demat’ form
    • Print it, complete it, and sign it.
    • Send it to the address ‘Correspondence Office’ above the form.

    Note: Before submitting the closing request, ensure that all dues are clear, open positions closed and Demat transfer/selling holding is full.

    If you do not obtain any confirmation in 7 days, customer service follow-up.

    How To Close Upstox Account In 2021?

    Things to know before you close your demat accounts

    You can’t close any Demat account online be it Upstox, Zerodha, Groww Etc. You must request a physical application to close your Upstox account. You can download the Upstox Account closure form from the Upstox Download section under “Upstox Demat Account Closure.”

    Ensure these points before you apply for closure

    • If pending, clear all your dues.
    • Please make a transfer request for any amount left on your trading account and move your balance to your bank account.
    • If you have any holdings, you have two options
      • Sell the holdings and encash them
      • Shift to another Demat account. Transfer.
    • In the event that you need to move to another account, you will have to include DP ID and Client ID.
    • Every holder’s signature.
    • Attachment Paper – Signed PAN Card Copy, Signed Aadhar Card Copy of all holders.
    • Send this form to Upstox/RKSV Correspondence Address given.
    • Usually, it takes up to 15 days to close your account after receiving your closing form. If you do not receive a confirmation from the Upstox team in 15 days, you can contact the Upstox Customer Support team via telephone.
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