How to clean strawberries with salt?

How to clean strawberries with salt?

TikTok, which is popular for its users’ fun short videos, has trends like pancake cereal and this bottled Starbucks Frappuccino hack, but sometimes it reveals realities that are difficult to swallow.

Krista Torres, a BuzzFeed reporter, recently discovered a new TikTok trend in salty water: soaking strawberries. What is the reason? Because users have found bugs live in the berry (see the #strawberriesbugs hashtag on the application). Torres decided to investigate the allegation that she could not totally believe could be true. Till she tried it, actually.

Torres filled a pool with water, put her fresh berries in, and then waited about 30 minutes at room temperature, poured in a lot of sea salt (about five large bowls of spoonfuls). As she had seen in the TikTok videos, there were no bugs in the bowl.

But she discovered bugs to her horror, when they caught up with the strawberries, and described them as worms.

From where were these worms? Torres has investigated and discovered that they are the descendants of a fruit fly that can be found on the majority of the continental United States. SWD is also called “spotted wing drosophila.” Cornell University has reported that this fly is most attractive to berries like raspberries and blackberries. The SWD is noteworthy because its cousins prefer to place ovine within fresh fruits, often before harvest, rather than overcast or rotting fruits.

Discovered ways to clean strawberries with salt

1. Trick 1

A 10% Salt solution for washing pesticides off fruit and vegetables is good, according to However, the bug removal instructions are a little in the air. Some people say five minutes to rinse the berries, and some say up to 30 minutes. Some recommend cold waters, others think warm water is best because salt disappears more quickly into this type of water. But one thing is clear for everyone: afterwards you have to rinse them thoroughly or your fresh strawberries are salty (via Bored Panda).

2. Trick 2

A facepost stated a trick; Follow the steps below1 part white vinegar

  1. Prepare 4 parts of cold water
  2. Sprinkle the salts
  3. Wait for 5 min
  4. Rinse with water
  5. Pat dry

Why do you even find those bugs?

While you may be queasy by considering nesting bug-filled berries, this doesn’t turn out to be unusual — and even if you eat these bugs, you ‘re not going to be hurt according to CNN. Basically, after soaking your strawberries in saltwater, your criteria are not harmful to human consumption, and you basically do this on a regular basis and for a lifetime. “You eat some bugs if you eat fresh produce,” said Greg Loeb, a Cornell University Entomologist and Professor. “We entomologists sometimes joke, hey, it’s a bit more protein.”

How to clean strawberries with salt?

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