How to book Indane Gas? LPG Refill

    How to book Indane Gas? LPG Refill

    • Indian Oil has launched an Indian Popular Indane Refill booking Number
    • The common reservation number is available 24×7 for customers for LPG refills across the country

    Since the old numbers are not suitable, Indane ‘s gas booking number will be updated from today (November 1). Indian Oil has launched a common number for reserving Indane LPG for customer convenience throughout the country.

    How to book Indane Gas? LPG Refill

    For LPG refills throughout the country, the common reservation number is 771895555. The customers can access it 24×7. “After 29.01.2020 Midnight, the existing system of telecommunications-specific circle phone numbers for Indane LPG recharging will be discontinued, with a standard LPG recharging booking number 7718955555, which will apply,” said Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas.

    This popular number is a significant step in boosting customer comfort and easy booking for Indane LPG recharges via SMS and IVRS. This means that even though customers switch through States from one telecom cycle to another, their Indane recharge reservation number remains the same.

    The customer’s registered mobile number can be used to make the Indane LPG booking. The updated LPG reservation and registration procedure for mobile numbers is as follows:

    If the number of the customer is already in Indane records,

    • The 16-digit user ID is triggered by -IVRS.
    • Please note that on Indane LPG customer invoices/cash memos/vouchers of subscription, this 16-digit Consumer ID is listed.
    • The reservation will be approved after confirmation by the customer.

    If the mobile number of the customer in indane records is not available

    • The customers should register their mobile number once by entering their 16-digit consumer ID from 7.
    • Authentication in the same IVRS call should be practised.
    • The mobile number of the customer will be registered after confirmation and the LPG refill reservation will be approved.
    • This 16-digit client ID is indicated by Indane LPG invoices/cash notices/voucher of subscription.

    If you are a customer of Indane, now you can book gas by calling the new number 7718955555. Booking can also be done on WhatsApp. Type REFILL on WhatsApp Messenger and send it to 7588888824.

    How to book Indane Gas? LPG Refill

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