How to avoid high ping during gaming?

How to avoid high ping during gaming?

Online gaming is as popular as ever, spanning from Fortnite to Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends. Cloud-based consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch continue to sell like mad smartphone gaming and even Apple and Google take big steps to get into practice.

In short, this is a perfect time to play online, but only if you can keep up to your internet connection. While it doesn’t take fast lightning to play the majority of games, one main metric: ping, you will always want to keep a close eye on it.

Simply put, ping is a calculation of how long your computer or system takes somewhere on the internet to retrieve data from a certain server. And, in that info, you’ll find out quickly that high-ping is a real killer, say when your opponent looks out from behind a tree to shoot you in PUBG.

Developers will say you can’t sense a 5-10 m difference, but players know better. Some professional players will even tell you that some games or heroes with the higher ping are not played optimally. Think of it when you come to a duel of Widowmakers and fall down before you take off your shot. You need the best connection to play as best you can. We will explore different ways you can decrease your ping and improve your PC/ Mobile gaming.

1. Always stick to an Ethernet other than WiFi

Moving to Ethernet is a simple first step in raising your ping. The latency, packet loss and jitter of WiFi are known to increase because of its unreliability. A multitude of household devices is known to conflict with wireless internet, making them less ideal for online gaming. The best way to ensure the lowest possible ping and a much more stable connection is to connect directly to a unit with an Ethernet cable. Save some sorrow later on and now buy a cable.

It is not relevant for mobile users but if you are a mobile gamer always prefer WiFi and stay close to it while playing your online game as the frequency of internet signal decrease based on the how far you are from your router.

We would always suggest you head up with the latest routers with increased signal and latency, you should always avoid signal boosters around your home as it affects your health.

2. Always whitelist your game from firewalls and Antiviruses

What do you think your computer does when your security system talks about realtime protection. The Antivirus and Firewall are built to check your system at a particular time every single minute, and they try to ensure everything is running properly but the firewall of your computer and antivirus in the background check packets from a central game server intermittently. It sometimes leads to a minor pause in latency; packages are often rejected or totally lost. Ensuring that your security settings provide a whitelist of games should reduce packet loss and increase ping times slightly.

3. Optimize your system

A sad reality is people still don’t realize computers and mobiles are technical equipment and need maintenance every time to ensure its top performance. Gamers usually don’t bother about anything other than their games, you should always ensure you have your system optimized.

Background programs may contain a significant amount of bandwidth, leading to more latency according to the details. The number 1 criminals are applications that automatically update like Steam or Windows Update occasionally. But there are other websites and services that use your bandwidth including Netflix, Spotify and Twitch. It can be done often but not always on your Internet connection. Moreover, the additional strain on your graphics card allows video streams to cause framerate issues. Without a state-of-the-art card, video quality and clarity will always have an effect. How to avoid high ping during gaming?

The only way to guarantee a consistent experience is to disable other programs and prioritize your game. This shouldn’t be too difficult, you play a game anyway, focus on the contest – you can watch your favourite shows later.

You can also use performance-enhancing tools like Iobit.

This tool will enhance your system performance from the point of view of PC resources, it is important to ensure optimization of your game settings. Although pretty visually pleasing graphics and ultra-settings can impact frame rates. It’s important to ensure that the settings you choose for the best possible gaming experience are enabled by your graphics card, RAM and processor. The design of this can take some adjustment, but most games will usually customize performance depending on your PC. Certainly, maybe the game doesn’t seem photo-realistic, but at least you can take your headshots.

4. Turn Off Your Updates

Windows updates really suck, lets consider this already.

While updates are necessary, they can wait for your device. You can’t play that game. Before you start playing your online game, make sure all your updates are switched off. This helps you in a game because you have a lot of bandwidth in the updates.

Especially keep an eye on your antivirus because it updates your bandwidth every day and leech. Switching off notifications will provide you with one of the key measures to decrease ping. It takes a right click just to disable your system tray antivirus updates.

5. Clean Your Computer

Bro clean it. Yeah, you have to. You just gotta do it. For you, nobody else will. Just clean it up. Your greatest enemy is ashes. Staub layers create overheating because proper ventilation on your computer is not possible and overall processes are slow due to the heat situation. There is also a risk that your network adapter would cause lag problems. How to avoid high ping during gaming?

Once in awhile should open your systems cabinet and look under the hood, your system might be fighting for you but you have to help them and let them breathe while you are.

6. Try VPN services

Most VPNs are slowing down the gaming due to the introduction of an extra node. It does not suggest, however, that VPNs should be absolutely ignored. Find some benefits and drawbacks in the use of a VPN for gaming and in the use of a VPN.

The benefits are the least apparent. The first pro is unlimited access to servers that are regionally loaded. You can play any game from anywhere in the world with a VPN. A VPN can even play games in your region that have not yet been published.

Extra protection is also an enormous benefit. Some players use techniques like DDoS attacks to try to get their opponents on their hands. A VPN defends you from these assaults. A VPN also preserves your privacy during the game so that other players don’t know where they are.

Another major problem for gamers is bandwidth throttling, which a VPN address. A VPN will shield you from your ISP so that you will not be turned away. When you play a lot, this is a major plus.

Try Norton Secure VPN as we too use it. Its the best we found in years.

7. Replace your router if needed

Especially when you have more than a few years old your router and/or modem, your system can significantly affect power, speed and stability of your Internet connection. Often, when you install a new router, your ping is always supposed to go down.

Be sure to carefully search for your router before you buy it. When you play on the same network at once with several people, you may want to spend a little bit extra in a special router.

Try these routers instead:

How to avoid high ping during gaming?

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