How TCS Helps India During COVID-19 Testing?

    How TCS Helps India During COVID-19 Testing?

    COVID-19 cases were only on the increase and one of the effective means of monitoring them was to identify the symptoms in patients early because of the lack of effective medications and vaccines. But it’s better to claim than to do so.

    While several test kits are made, they are not adequate to carry them out in large quantities. Government-run agencies such as C-CAMP or Molecular and Cellular Platform Centres, have been a significant enabler for COVID-19 research since the ecosystem of MSMEs has been actively developed, manage, and scaled for the development of indigenous COVID-19 test kits. But they may not be adequate.

    TCS has come up with a solution to help C-CAMP to scale this development of test kits to one million test kits every day. TCS recently revealed that it has introduced a blockchain-based automated supply chain network to support the groundbreaking new C-CAMP initiative.

    The C-CAMP InDx initiative

    In September, the government unveiled a project called the Diagnostic Indigenisation (InDx), anchored on the Center for Cellular and Molecular Platforms to double its test capacity (C-CAMP). This is an idea to develop all the reagents required for the diagnosis of COVID-19 molecular methods indigenously and for much lower costs like RT-qPCR in bulk volumes. Financially funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, its mission is to increase access in the country to COVID19 diagnostics.

    As part of this initiative, it aims to create a broad network of Indian MSMEs that can provide reagents for test kits and test kits. This would help recognize the bottlenecks in the supply chain network, efficiency failures, and any deficiencies in the capacity of these MSMEs to improve. The MSMEs were to satisfy both the standard and the number of test kits.

    The project will solve the COVID 19 epidemic as well as assist micro-size companies in creating high quality, low-cost molecular diagnostics to extend their market opportunities and boost the overall health care system. CAMP is optimistic that the goal of 1 million kits a day has been reached, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

    The goal of the project is to use other new approaches in the diagnostic molecular processes such as Lateral Flow Evaluation for Testing COVID19 in addition to the scaling of saliva-based testing, Professor Satyajit Mayor of the NCBS director, Bangalore. It would not only allow MSMEs to serve the Indian market, it would also help export to other countries that are in need at reasonable rates. He is a consultant to the C-CAMP team.

    In comparison, the C-CAMP has driven other programs like COVID-19, the C-CIDA, and other developments globally to counter the rioting pandemic. The C-CAMP has been the driving force behind this program. In addition, 31 new items such as quick diagnostic kits, respiratory aids, AI/ML-based pre-examination, or another close deployment ready to use COVID-19 have been reported by C-CAMP.

    How does TCS push this goal?

    TCS collaborated with C-CAMP to create and introduce a digital supply chain network to handle the MSME environment to help C-CAMP accomplish the goal of authentically delivering COVID-19 test kits. The approach is enabled by the TCS Data Marketplace solution allowing organizations while democratizing data and monetizing it to implement new business models based on ecosystems.

    The Data Marketplace system guarantees the data is seamlessly processed, cured, categorized, cataloged, and distributed. It allows enterprise users to search, find, interpret, and imagine data in an intelligent manner through self-help mechanisms.

    It also enables uniform managed data sharing with the requisite security and privacy protection for the ecosystem members. It also uses blockchain in the background to render audit logs permanent.

    As stated by C-CAMP, in the InDx project C-CAMP has built a supply chain network that adds kit data for kits, enzymes, primers, and antibodies from Tier 2 and 3 suppliers. It also gives Tier 1 vendors and C-CAMP ready visibility at supplier-specific standards of pricing, capabilities, and ecosystem-wide inventories. This would encourage C-CAMP to hold an inquiry and respond to the government’s request for these kits.

    Dinanath Kholkar, Global Head, Analytics and Insights at TCS said that they are delighted to partner with C-CAMP to scale up India’s COVID testing capacity. He believes that it will be a major step in making COVID-19 testing accessible to every Indian. 

    TCS believes that their data marketplace solution will anchor the InDx’s supplier ecosystem of MSMEs by democratizing supplier data, enhancing supply chain visibility, and driving superior outcomes for all stakeholders. 

    “The success of this initiative sets an example for how ecosystem-based partnerships can be put to work for other mission-mode programs of national importance,” Kholkar further added.

    How TCS Helps India During COVID-19 Testing? 

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