Hotels come up with antimicrobial keycard technology

Hotels come up with antimicrobial keycard technology.

Lodging Access Systems has gained exclusive rights and permits to produce and sell patented proprietary antimicrobial plastic keycards to hotels and resorts in the United States and provides hotels with keycards and credentials from its subsidiaries, RFID Hotel and LAS Hospitality Supply.

These key cards include a new antimicrobial layer technology to inhibit the growth and transfer to the surfaces of heavily circulated products such as hotel keypaths of germs, viruses and pathogens. Antimicrobial agents are added to inhibit the regeneration of germs, viruses and bacteria by manufacturing the hotel keycard to 99.99%. The effect lasts long without any adverse effects on anybody who interacts with the antimicrobial surface.

“We are incredibly proud to bring this proprietary antimicrobial hotel keycard technology to the hospitality industry,” said Matthew R. Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Lodging Access Systems. “We are very pleased to deliver the highest-level solutions for our customers and our customers.” “Now more than ever, the implementation of products that help protect the health of our people and our visitors has become an important necessity for hotels and resorts.

Available via RFID Hotel, LAS Hospitality Supplies and select licensed distributors will be Lodging Access Systems’s antimicrobial hotel keycards with a NAML technology. The NAML logo und patent markings and additional proprietary methods to ensure authenticity can be easily identified for the cards. The cards have been designed to be incorporated with both radio frequency and magnetic strip ID lockers systems and are completely compatible with all major lock systems.

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Hotels come up with antimicrobial keycard technology

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