Hospitals Demand Covid-Positive Reports, Patients Battle For Admission

    Hospitals Demand Covid-Positive Reports, Patients Battle For Admission

    The new variant allows experts to suggest that blood tests, chest x-rays and even CT scans will indicate Covid despite the laboratory results being negative.

    New Delhi: “I’m tired. I am ready to hold their feet but please admit her, please. They say there are no hospital beds. Let her lie down on the floor, but let her receive care at least. Tired of being denied everywhere. I can’t let her die. Please allow her. Please admit her.”

    These were the words of 43-year-old Aslam Khan who took his critically ill, 30-year-old Ruby Khan to Delhi’s largest Covid-divided hospital, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital, with his daughter on his bike. He stood at the hospital door and pleaded with the nurses.

    At the time three other hospitals had turned him around because, despite a chest scan of his showing COVID-19, she did not have a lab report verifying it.

    “But look at this chest scan from the trauma centre I just did. It indicates pulmonary infection and doctors claim that they have Covid. But they also suggest here in the LNJP that they take her somewhere else. She is going to die on the way, “Mr. Khan has been telling NDTV.

    After an hour, Ms. Khan finally got a bed at LNJP. However, there are also other people like her who are still struggling. Because of the new disease variant, experts claim that blood tests, X-rays and even CT scans can indicate Covid even if laboratory reports turn negative.

    And hospitals refuse to allow patients without a Covid-positive study, even if they are breathing.

    “My mother is 60 years old, Santosh Devi. I brought her to three different hospitals, but she had a bad evaluation so she was not accepted. Her oxygen levels went down. I came to LNJP finally and waited two-and-a-half hours here and took her in, “Vinod Kumar said that.

    Rahul Verma, the manager of the NGO Uday Foundation, which operates with patient families, lost her 71-year-old uncle a couple of days ago because he declined admission to the hospital for the same reason.

    “When he later tested positive, we fought. The ambulance dropped him out of the hospital and had no oxygen for six hours. He finally got a bed, but in a few hours, we lost him “That’s what Mr Verma said.

    “I beg the government to make the Covid Reports not obligatory for senior citizens at least.”

    Regulations do not allow the rejection of patients with such serious symptoms, irrespective of test results. Earlier, the hospitals had independent observation centres for Covid offenders, but the hospitals were more strict with beds running out.

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