Hormonal Acne: Why it occurs and how to treat it?

Hormonal Acne: Why it occurs and how to treat it? Don’t get upset with your skin, it’s time to fix everything.

What is hormonal acne and why to you have it?

Generally speaking, it mostly occurs in females but males can have it too. How does hormonal acne differ from normal acne? Well, normal acne you’ll see actually affects the t-zone area, so that’s what we call the forehead area, the nose and usually it has blackheads, pustules, and zits.

This is the normal acne what hormonal acne is totally different usually affects the jawline area and the cheeks. It occurs  usually as the name suggests in adult female & male jawline.

Hormonal acne occurs usually in adults over the age of 25 so statistically, 25% so that’s 1/4 of females over the age of 25 will suffer from adult jawline hormonal acne right. It is very very common and research has shown that the incidence is actually increasing so just debunk a few myths some people say “hate the hormones we’re feeding the chickens or the beef“.

This is testosterone, and it is not partly because of food but more complex because hormonal acne occurs due to a lot of factors including genetics so that you can’t help because of stress, but also because of the environment, including what we put on our faces the make-up that you use and the cleansers you use. it’s also because of stress!

Why does hormonal acne occur?

Basically, it occurs due to all those factors but it occurs at a certain time of your life and it’s usually like I said over the age of 25 and they form these deep painful periodic. There’s a cycle to it, it may occur you know within the week of your period cycle and it’s usually around the jawline area and you’ll see that most patients actually try to squeeze it but you can’t squeeze it because they’re blind headed pimples which means it’s called acne excoriate which means you are actually digging into it which may cause scarring.

It’s partly due to everything else it’s you can’t pinpoint it on one factor so it’s generally due to a fluctuation in the hormone cycle so as females or males grow older it’s a different flux in regards to testosterone and estrogen.


These basically bind to receptors on your oil gland and activate the oily causing acne so the other upside is that you’ve got estrogens so as females grow older the flux basically changes your testosterone levels or androgen level. Androgen levels remain but your testosterone levels may drop so that’s why you can have acne even at the age of  30 or 40 if you’re female because your estrogen levels drop in your testosterone and androgens remain the same.

Hormonal Acne: Why it occurs and how to treat it?

How to actually treat hormonal acne?

It is difficult because at the end of the day we’re treating the hormonal changes, now we always start with the basics. Heard of NonComedogenic products? The most important is your makeup so make sure your makeup is something like mineral makeup and not a liquid foundation because they can clog up pores and make sure you let your skin breathe for at least two days per week that’s very important you make up everything else like your sunscreen counts and even your actives see what we’re looking for is something called a non-comedogenic.

In some cases, treatment options on the basis of plants may be used to clear mild hormonal acne.

Natural treatments are often free from the side effects that are occasionally caused by prescription. But they may not work as well. There is no research into natural options, and no results have been shown at present. Talk to your doctor about possible risks and to make sure that your therapy does not interact with medications.

Alpha hydroxy acid

Alpha hydroxy acids, which are mostly derived from citrus fruits, are plant acids. Excess dead skin cells can help remove the blockage of pores by AHAs. AHAs can help reduce the appearance of acne scars as a bonus.

Many OTC masks and creams can contain AHA. AHAs can increase the sensitivity of your skin as with retinoids. When using AHA products, you should always wear sunscreen.

Consumption of Green tea

Green tea is known to diminish the body’s inflammation. Consider drinking a few cups per day in addition to your topical skin care regimen for a holistic approach. A large selection of green teas is available here.


Exercise is also one of the most effective natural way to loose oils and fats out of your body. Usually, you would have observed athletes or any outdoor game players with clear skins, consider exercising at least one hour a day.

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Hormonal Acne: Why it occurs and how to treat it?

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