Guide: How to wear N95 mask?

Guide: How to wear N95 mask?

Take your key, your wallet and your face mask. With the latest advice of the CDC, face masks are part of the everyday requirement of citizens when going for public areas in which they are around others.

With the demand and limited supply, people turn to unused industrial personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly the N95 respirator. Respirators aim to shield wearer and other individuals from environmental pollution to a higher degree than other earloop masks.

These disposable respiration devices, when properly worn, include complete facial stitching, have two bandages that fit around the neck and back of the head and are mainly checked and accredited by the CDC division of the National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH).

If you have poor air quality or an infectious disease, wear an N95 facial mask is an effective way of protecting your lung and general health. The N95 is a lightweight and relatively cheap way of air-cleaning and keeping safe, built to filter harmful particles.

  • First, Sanitize your hand
  • Gently hold the respirator in your palm of your hand with straps facing opposite
  • Next, hold the respirator under the chin with your nosepiece facing outwards
  • Then pull the lower head strap around the neck below the ears and while holding the respirator in against the face, place the upper strap above the ears around the crown of the head
  • Place your hands on each side of the respirator and move slightly right, left, up and down, to adjust the position of the respirator and achieve the most optimal fit on the face
  • Mould the nose clip over your cheeks and bridge of the nose to obtain a tight seal
  • Perform a user seal check to ensure a good fit:
  1. Place both hands over the respirator – do not disturb the position of the respirator.
  2. Exhale sharply. A positive pressure should be felt inside the respirator.
  3. If you detect air leaking in readjust the respirator by:
    1. applying additional pressure on the nose clip to achieve a secure seal on the nose;
    2. adjusting the position of the respirator on your face; and/or
    3. adjusting the position of the head straps.
  • To remove the N95, you should hold the respirator with his or her dominant hand to maintain its position on the face. Then pull the bottom strap over the head and while still holding the respirator in one hand, lift and remove the mask.

Just in case you didn’t get it right here are the instructions with pictures.

1. Select your Mask

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To eliminate the particles in the air, choose an N95 facial mask. N95 facial masks are an ideal choice to shield the lungs from airborne particles, which can be metal fumes (for example, those caused by welding), minerals, dust or organic particles, including viruses.

You should wear it if a flu outbreak has occurred in your region or if the air quality is bad due to pollution or fires. They are made from light, organised mouth- and nose-fitting foam.

For people in manufacturing employment specially made models are also available, and for those in the health professions surgical N95 facial masks are available.

The figure is the percentage of particles which can be filtered by the mask. 95% of dust and particles are emitted from the N95 mask.

If oil aerosols are present, N95 masks should not be used as oil damages the philtre. In fact, the “N” is “Not oil-resistant.”

2. Make sure it perfectly fits you

Trim off your facial hair, if possible, before wearing your mask. Shave off all your facial hair if you know you need to wear an N95 mask. It can interfere with the mask and avoid a close, screened fit which compromises the mask’s effectiveness.

Wash your hands well before you put your mask on them. Use water and soap and rinse your hands so that the mask is not wet. You won’t contaminate your mask inadvertently until you put it on.

Take the mask in one hand and put it over your nose and mouth. Place your mask on your hand’s palm to face up to the ground with the belts. Set it around your nose and mouth and fit the nose over your nose bridge. The bottom should go below your chin.

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Guide: How to wear N95 mask?

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