Google Doodle: Nobel Prize Winner Sir W. Arthur Lewis

    Google Doodle: Nobel Prize Winner Sir W. Arthur Lewis

    Today Google celebrates with a Doodle Sir W Arthur Lewis, a professor, economist, and author. On that day in 1979, Sir W Arthur Lewis received the Nobel Prize for Memorial in economics. For his work on shaping the economic forces which affect developing countries, he won the Nobel prize. Sir Lewis is regarded as a visionary in contemporary economic progress.

    Sir W. Arthur Lewis Google Doodle: Forty-one years earlier, in 1979, for his groundbreaking work in influencing global factors that influence developed nations, Lewis was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

    Google Doodle: Nobel laureate Sir W Arthur Lewis

    Forty-one years earlier in 1979, for his groundbreaking work modeling economic capabilities affecting developed nations, Lewis was jointly honored with the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

    Not only was Lewis the first Black teacher to hold a chair at a UK university (at Manchester University), Lewis also a pioneer in his studies and the first Black teacher to have a full-time professorship at Princeton University.

    Lewis, originally born on 23 January 1915, was granted the government bond in 1932, in Castries, on St Lucia’s Caribbean Island, when it was a British colony.

    After graduating, he received his doctorate in industrial economics from the London School of the economy. Lewis soon advanced to university ranks and was one of the top distinctions of a tenured professor at 33 years of high school.

    In 1954, Lewis wrote a fundamental paper on The Economic Development with Unlimited Labor Property.” Lewis contributed significant work at the UN and expressed his experience as an Advisor to the Government of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The United Nations has many useful successes. Lewis also contributed to this. He was also the first president of the Caribbean Development Bank to be founded and served.

    The British government knighted Lewis in 1963 to celebrate his lifetime achievements.

    He breathed his last in Bridgetown, Barbados on 15 June 1991 and was buried at the St. Lucian community college named in his honor.

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