Flipkart Internship 45 days for students in India

    Flipkart Internship 45 days for students in India

    You can earn close to ₹22,500 in 45 days from Flipkart if you are a student For a 45-day study course, Flipkart is looking for interns and paying approximately five hundred per day.

    This is good news for you if you are a student who has some spare time at hand. Flipkart requires students to work as team members under its 45-day programme Launchpad and pays about ₹500 a day.

    Flipkart Internship 45 days for students in India

    This deal is included in the launchpad programme of Flipkart and interns will make approximately 1,500 students a day. The payout would, however, be dependent on national and local labour laws and can even increase to 600 days depending on the place of work of the intern.

    Flipkart mentioned in a statement that students from Tier II cities and beyond can make use of this opportunity to work across key supply chain functions at Flipkart’s facilities across the country.

    As staff learn, Flipkart’s Launchpad programme, in particular, the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, will also help handle their logistics chain efficiently over the festive season.

    According to the release, in 21 places, including Binola (Haryana), Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), Uluberia and Dankuni (West Bengal), Malur (Karnataka), Medchal (Telangana) and others, Flipkart is working to identify worthy students.

    This year, too, Flipkart had the same internship programme and 2 000 students took part in the 2019 selling of Big billion Days.

    Link to careers page: Click here

    How do I apply for an internship in Flipkart?

    Flipkart reported that it works in collaboration with educational institutions, which will recruit students from 21 locations including Binola, Haryana, Bhiwanda, Uluberia and Dankuni (West Bengal) and Malur, Medchal and Telangana.

    In order to verify if the institution has ties with Flipkart, students will have to approach their respective colleges.

    Who is qualifying for Flipkart Launchpad internship?

    Students who live in Tier II cities in India are allowed to take the positions.

    Is Flipkart internship paid?

    Yeah, the business provides students with paid internships. Workers are paid Rs 500 per day according to sources. But pay can vary from one city to another.

    How long are students remaining at Flipkart?

    The students learn the vital skills needed to navigate the supply chain. It will be a 45 day paid internship. “Although our carefully designed internship programme works towards the overall growth of students, younger students become very excited when they join the profession,” said Amitesh Jha, Flipkart Supervisory Vice-President.

    Flipkart Internship 45 days for students in India

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    1. Sir in the link provided there are 12 opportunities provided but in all the opportunity they require a degree and 3-4 years work experience.
      I am a student and I am pursuing hons now , I am in my 2nd year so I don’t have any of these can you Please describe it a little more, I mean which opportunity we should hire?

      • As per the official announcement, you don’t need a degree for the role. The link to apply for the above opportunity hasn’t been disclosed yet, will share the link as soon as we get it.

    2. internships are showing only for Bangalore and not Delhi and please update about the 45-day internship Sir, i have recently completed my graduation in B.Tech CSE with 64%.

    3. Hi sir I’m interested in flip kart internship program please let me know how can i join this in Hyderabad.

    4. Sir, but students fresher How they can apply, as you’re saying students but the position and the experiences for that particular one is like 5-12 years, the how freshers student can’t apply and everyone has dream to work with the company like flipkart even if it is internship for 2-6 months.

    5. the how freshers student can’t apply and everyone has dream to work with the company like flipkart even if it is internship for 2-6 months.

    6. Sir,I have approached the college,I came to know that our college hasn’t collaborated with Flipcart,so is there any alternative way to enroll into 45 days internship.

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