How to Take Four Star Photos In Pokemon?

How to Take Four Star Photos In Pokemon?

Each star rating denotes the percentage of the rareness of the action or actions which it encompasses in the picture: the total star rating is divided by 100.

Rare, 4-Star moves happen by accident, while other moves can be artificially created by some items:

How to Get Four Star Photographs

  • Fluffruit
    • Fluffruit is an all-new item that resembles an apple and is used to lure and trigger reactions from Pokemon.
  • Illumina Orbs
    • Illumina Orbs are used on Pokemon to create an Illumina Phenomenon, which will allow you to potentially witness something special and extraordinary moments that can help you capture those more unique and rare moments.
  • Melody
    • Play a melody to trigger a reaction and potentially a dance from any Pokemon in the area. Due to the large area in which the melody can be heard, this particular item is perfect for trying to coordinate those large group photos.
  • Scan
    • Along with being used to find Branching Routes, the Scan Mode sound can trigger a small reaction from any nearby Pokemon. These reactions are often kind of short, so be quick when grabbing your camera!

While we’ve already discussed it, it is crucial to keep in mind that these two scores are entirely different.

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