Earthquake tremors New Zealand, magnitude 7.2 on Richter Scale, Tsunami warning issued

The tremors of the earthquake have been felt in New Zealand. According to the news agency Reuters, the intensity of the earthquake has been measured at 7.2. The biggest thing is that a tsunami warning has been issued after this severe earthquake.

Wellington: In New Zealand, severe tremors have been felt. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 7.2 according to the news agency Reuters. Most importantly, a tsunami warning was issued following this severe earthquake. The earthquake hit the north-east coast of New Zealand, after which news caused panic according to the news agency AP report. So far no information on serious damage or losses due to the earthquake has been reported.

Earthquake tremors New Zealand

The National Emergency Management Agency of New Zealand has said that an evaluation is being made on whether the earthquake can lead to a tsunami. The agency has recommended that people living near the beach migrate to higher plains. The agency asked the people who were living near the beach to go to safe places immediately if the tremors of the earthquake had long been felt.

The US Geologic Survey has said that the first earthquake was 6.9 kilometers deep, approximately 178 kilometers (111 mi) from the town of Gisborne. The agencies changed their intensity figures later. Gisborne, which has a population of about 35,500, is the major town of New Zealand near the epicenter of the earthquake.

It is known that only a day earlier on Wednesday in Greece, the earthquake’s tremors were measured at 6.2. Two consecutive days of earthquake tremors were felt in Japan last month. The intensity of the first tremor on the Richter scale was 7.1 while the second day’s earthquake was 5.2. The epicenter of the Fukushima earthquake in Japan was 50 kilometers deep below the ground. Nuclear power plants in Fukushima were not damaged by the earthquake, however.

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