Double Mask For Double Protection During Covid Surge?

Double Mask For Double Protection During Covid Surge?

With Covid-19 cases across the country rising, Dr. Kirti Sabnis, medical expert, said that double masking will improve safety and minimise the chances of becoming infected.

Are you afraid that in these crucial times a single mask is not sufficient protection? Are you confused about the recommended additional layer if you wear an N95 mask?

With Covid-19 cases increase rapidly across the world, adopting the most successful safety practices in order to avoid getting infected is becoming more and more important. Dual masking, according to Dr Kirti Sabnis, a specialist in infectious diseases at Fortis Hospital in Kalyan, Mumbai, will improve safety and lower the chances of transmitting or catching the infectious disease virus.

Double Mask For Double Protection During Covid Surge?

She said, “A new study at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says covid exposure can be decreased by 96.4% if everyone is double-masked.”

What is double-masking?

When a person wears one mask on top of another, it is termed as ‘double masking.

The outer mask will put gentle pressure on the inner mask’s edges and provide a better seal. Since the virus spreads through the breathing gout, two layers will improve filtration and provide protection if someone is sneezing or coughing around you.

When to double-mask?

Consider wearing a double mask when you go to busy areas such as airports and bus stalls and using local public transport.

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What is the perfect mix of masks?

One tissue mask on top of an operative mask or two tissue masks is suitable combinations. A fabric mask is also useful on a three-ply mask.

In highly crowded environments, a face shield with a mask may be used.

However, stop double masking if you use a N95 mask.

Double masks are avoidable for infants.

Dos of masking

  • Washcloth masks in hot water every day.
  • Please wear your mask correctly. The nose, mouth, and chin should be covered.
  • Avoid exchanging masks with members of your family.
  • Sanitize your hands thoroughly after removing your mask.
  • Throw one-off masks into a sealed bin.
  • Replace your mask at regular intervals with a new mask.
  • Follow social distance even with a mask.

Don’t Dos Of Masking

  • Don’t wear mask on your collar or chin.
  • Don’t wear a wet mask.
  • Don’t often touch your mask.
  • Don’t remove your mask while you speak.

Double Mask For Double Protection During Covid Surge?

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