Do OR Die: Indian Students Forced To Make A Call

    Do OR Die: Indian Students Forced To Make A Call

    Another dilemma seems to be facing Indian students in life when the world faces a deadly virus. The educational problem or your future. COVID-19 has forever changed the world, with new highlights daily in India. Millions of students around the world are affected. However, our mainstream media does not cover this subject.

    Do OR Die: Indian Students Forced To Make A Call

    Last year exams are also pending for university graduates. On 29 April 2020, the Union Grants Commission, an Indian quality legislative body, moved the final year examination date to 31 July, and this date was approved for the last year exam. We all assumed the shutdown in March 2020 was meant to help stop the spread of coronavirus, but India is still the third-worst affected area in the world.

    Many Indian states that do not conduct exams have proclaimed themselves to be the most numerous in India, such as Maharastra, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. But a sudden UGC has now announced that the final year exams will be completed by all universities before 30 September 2020.

    So what should a student do? Should they adhere to the decision of the state or the UGC? The UGC guideline is not a suggestion, but rather an order to follow the guidelines of all universities.

    COVID cases are rising in India. In India. Every university is made up of students from various parts of India. Under these cases, it is impossible to follow the laws of social distancing while exams are administered, and if, for this reason, a student catches the infection, then who is responsible for that. Many students also come to study in urban areas from rural areas so are they wise to return from the villages? College supervisors and additional assistance will also be required.

    UGC has also given the choice for online tests, but a large percentage of India ‘s students still have no access to personal computers, laptops or a secure internet connection.

    The exam also requires personal space and a peaceful environment. Such provisions are not available in these households in our county, where the majority of the population is in the medium-sized market.

    We do not have a tried and tested system to support this motion for online testing at this time. Delhi University has tried to make amusing reviews, but many students have refused to register or access the testing because they have constantly had server issues. Will this method allow other small universities in such a situation to carry out exams?

    A senior official of UGC had also stated the need to maintain academic reputation. The issue that arises is what credit is all about. The Indian education system ‘s flaws are well known. Each year, about 80% of our engineers are unemployed because they have no real training because the emphasis of our educational system is more on theory than realistic or life skills.

    Marks are an important part of a student ‘s development, but knowledge, abilities and personalities play a much greater role in shaping someone’s future. Several people tried to deny it by claiming the lock-down has now been lifted.

    Bus stops and liquor shops open up so what physical testing is necessary. In fact, these people will decide if they are going to stay home or choose protection. You go out if you want to. Are students equally eligible?

    It does not place a fair burden on the students. Indian students also have mental health, depression, stress and anxiety issues. UGC also said that, depending on the current situation, it could shift dates further. This means that until COVID-19 students will have to live in this confusion.

    Some students hope to be hired, hold internships or research postgraduates. You can’t hang on to their lives. You need mental stress relief.

    And what’s the solution, ultimately?

    Nobody suggests that students should offer the degree for free, but they can obtain a provisional degree on the basis of their average marks in the last half. This would help them to secure work or internships and to receive admissions. Afterwards, they will take their exams for 2 to 3 years and graduate again.

    Tests are not the only way of assessing a student’s experience and insight. There may also be projects or assessments. This is also the time for employers to emphasize other practical aspects. Parents should help their children and students raise awareness of this. We also have to understand that exams are part and parcel of schooling. “Tags give you professional recognition only and don’t guarantee that you succeed.”

    Do OR Die: Indian Students Forced To Make A Call.

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