Digital Voter ID: How To Download e-EPIC?

    Digital Voter ID: How To Download e-EPIC?

    On Monday, as part of National Voters’ Day, the Election Commission will introduce the ‘e-EPIC,’ a non-editable and stable PDF version of the Electoral Photo Identification Card, EPIC.

    This latest digital edition of the card is available to voters on their cell phones or in the machine in the five upcoming state elections. On Monday, Minister of Law Ravi Shankar Prasad, ‘the guest of honor’ at EC’s 2021 National Voting Day, launched the e-EPIC facility.

    What does e-EPIC mean?

    The E-EPIC is a portable stable EPIC (PDF) version that can be accessed on the computer or by cell phone. Although PCV EPIC is currently released, voters can store it on their mobile phones or print it on their own labels as a PDF in Digi Locker.

    Digital Voter ID: How To Download e-EPIC?

    How to download an e-EPIC or digital voter ID cards?

    One can download e-EPIC from Voter Portal or Voter Helpline mobile App or NVSP Voter:

    How to download e-EPIC or digital voter ID cards? 

    • Voters must register or register on the Voter Portal.
    • You can click e-EPIC download from the navigation menu and enter an EPIC number or Type Reference Number.
    • Users are then obliged to search OTP on the mobile registered number (if the e-roll mobile number is registered) and press e-EPIC download.
    • If the mobile number of the voter is not registered in Eroll, first click on the e-KYC to finish KYC.

    Please check your facelift and change your mobile number to KYC. Electronic EPIC can be downloaded after KYC. Note: all new voters registered during the Special 2021 Revision Summary (i.e. those who applied during Nov-Dec 2020) receive an SMS and can download e-EPIC between 25 January and 31 January 2021, with the mobile number given during the application. After 1 February 2021, other general voters with a valid EPIC number will download e-EPIC.

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