Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?

    Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?

    As winter approaches, Many of the countries are entering typical cold and influenza seasons, the added problem this year is that the signs are largely close to that of people who have captured and are at risk of transmitting the coronavirus.

    NHS in Britain has given online guidance to Covid-19 and a guide to distinguish between the three forms of the disease, which health experts will hope to explain if they have a disease that they most probably brushed aside last year, but which may cause them to worry this year about being isolated or about attempting to carry out a coronavirus test.

    If you have any questions about your health or the well-being of someone you care about, you must pursue healthcare in the UK by dialling 111 or following the NHS website advice from Covid-19. The NHS says you can get a test and self-isolation as soon as possible if you have any of the major symptoms of Covid-19.

    Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?
    Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?

    Covid-19 or Coronavirus

    Fevers – a 37.8C(100F)) temperature-a fresh (usually dry) recurrent cough and a loss of taste, or smell are the most common symptoms of coronavirus or Covid-19. Sometimes patients can be exhausted, have aches and pains, have a sore throat, headaches and shortness of breath. Runny or stuffy nose and diarrhoea are uncommon. The NHS states that there may be mild to extreme symptoms.

    Common Cold

    Sneezing, pain and aches, a fluid or stuffy nose and a sore throat are the most common signs of a cold. There may be a slight cough. Fatigue is rarely present and fever or headaches are never encountered. There is no diarrhoea caused by colds. The NHS notes that the onset of symptoms with cold usually happens gradually.


    Flu is typically a fever, fatigue, dry toxins, pains and headaches. Patients can have a runny or stuffy nose or a sore throat. In children, diarrhoea will sometimes occur. Gripple sneezing is not normally present, but serious shortness of breath can occur and the NHS states that symptoms usually appear quickly.

    Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?

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    Difference between Common cold and Coronavirus?

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