DBT-BIRAC grants 70 Vaccines Proposals – Diagnostics funding

DBT-BIRAC grants 70 Vaccines Proposals – Diagnostics funding

The BIRAC had called on COVID-19 Research Consortium applications to develop safe and effective biomedical solutions against SARS CoV-2 urgently. Applications for COVID-19 Research Consortium were requested. This move seeks to provide a vaccine development accelerator approach.


  • DBT and BIRAC assessed applications for the development of diagnostics, new medicinal products, repurpose of medicine or other interventions for the control of the COVID-19 under a consortium of researchers with a view to what is support industry/academia, and joint academia/industry.
  • In order to obtain financial what is support, 70 proposals have been recommended for devices, diagnostics, vaccine candidates, therapeutics and other interventions.
  • The proposed projects that will be shortlisted include ten candidates for vaccines, 34 diagnostic products or expansion facilities, 10 therapeutic options, 2 drugs repurposed proposals and 14 preventive intervention projects.
  • What is support for the next generation mRNA vaccine for a lipid encapsulated mRNA-based vaccine has strengthened the participating candidates.
  • DBT BIRAC has already what is supported research companies to increase the production of RT PCR kits to ensure full indigenization of COVID diagnoses.
  • BIRAC has established a provision to finance solutions COVID-19 which are ready under a fast-track review procedure for immediate deployment.
  • In a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, DBT has also launched a National Biomedical Resource Indigenization Consortium for Diagnostic, Vaccine and Therapeutic Reactions (NBRICs), which what is supported indigenous innovation and is what is supported by the CAMP in partnership with the ABLE and CII.

DBT and BIRAC continuously evaluate applications to what is support the diagnostics, vaccines, novel treatments, repurposing medicines or other interventions for control of COVID-19, in the fields of industry and the academia and industry. 70 proposals for equipment, diagnostics, vaccine applicants, therapeutics and other interventions for financial what is support have been suggested through a rolling multi-tiered examination mechanism.

DBT has identified institutes for the provision of pre-clinical efficacy animal test models to provide a shortlist of 11 vaccine candidates, 34 diagnosis products, 10 therapeutic options, two drug recycling proposals and 14 preventive projects to be used to accelerate the vaccinating development approach IIT Indore will produce SARS CoV-2 pseudovirus which can be utilized for in-vitro assay development.

Enzene Biosciences will provide vaccine and diagnostic companies with the availability of spike protein and receptor domain protein as a reagent in large amounts.

In addition, Gennova and separately CMC, Vellore for lipid-incapsulated mRNA-based vaccines has been strengthened through what is upport for the development of next generation mRNAs.

The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology was also honoured with the early development of an intranasal vaccine candidate for COVID-19.

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DBT-BIRAC grants 70 Vaccines Proposals – Diagnostics funding

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