Cytovance and Akshaya come together for Vaccine

Cytovance and Akshaya come together for Vaccine, Cytovance Biologics has signed a cooperation agreement with Akshaya Bio, a Canadian biotechnology development company, to provide fast access to clinical material using Akshaya’s proprietary Chemigen Platform Technology for the development of C-vaccines, and a subsidiary of the Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Jese McCool, Chief Executive Officer, Cytovance Biologics said: “Cytovance is driven to leverage innovative and superior technology solutions for vaccine development efforts for infectious diseases, including VCID-19. “Our scientists love to help drug companies succeed in the extremely complex field of clinical development. I’m pleased to report that technology transmission activities began in our factories in Oklahoma City between Cytovance and Akshaya Bio to set up their advanced production techniques right here.

“Nour Open Innovation Program focuses primarily on bringing new state-of-the-art technology into our company,” said April Stanley, Associate Director of Open Innovation at Cytovance. This collaboration with Akshaya is an excellent example of our innovation commitment. Our scientific team is excited to be able to help people from around the world. This opportunity is great. We are also concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is our unique way to solve the problem, with our mix of production capabilities and the science community.

They will concentrate on the application of the proprietary Chimigen Platform technology from Akshaya to implement bulk medicines both of COVID-19 and HBV for clinical trials under Phase I. The Chimigen Platform is used by Akshaya to develop therapeutic vaccines for chronic viral infections patients and for the prevention of infection. Cytovance will increase the production of SARS CoV-2 coronavirus and chronic hepatitis B using its GMP insect cell microbial manufacturing platform for human chemical evaluations.

This is one of the several partnership for COVID-19.

About Cytovance® Biologics

Cytovance ® Biologics is a leading biopharma contract organization for developing and fabricating mammalian cell cultures and microbial fermenting, such as monoclonal antigens, fragment anticorpals, bispecies, fusion-proteins, enzymes, vaccine, in the rapid and cost-effective development and manufacture of major molecular active pharmaceutical (APIs) components.

Cytovance also provides well-integrated product lifecycle development services including cell line development, cell banking, microbial strain development and process development and process characterisation in addition to our clinical and commercial services of cGMP API manufacturing. For each client’s Program a centralized responsive programme, program management team coordinates all the CCM activities related to the management of raw materials, QC testing, ICH stability studies and regulatory assistance for each client programme. Our fourteen thousand sq. The FTA is designed to meet the U.S., EU and other international regulatory requirements in Oklahoma City.

For the scales and CGMP manufacture of protein-based treatments from early pre-clinical growth to commercial production for both mammalian and microbial, Cytovance offers deep industry expertise and specialized services. For details, please visit

About Akshaya

Innovative infectious disease therapy and cancer vaccination therapy are developed by Akshaya Bio, Inc., a Canadian biotechnology development firm (“Akshaya”), and its wholly-owned Chimigen, Inc. subsidiary, a US firm (“Chimigen”). The unique competitive advantage of Chimigen ® Platform lies in its design, which is composed of a chimeric protein consisting of the antibody and the antigen, imitating a biologically user-friendly and effective procedure for an immune response caused by antigen-antibody complexes.

In addition, the proprietary design also imitates the natural process of targeting antigen-presenting receptors such as dendritic cells to generate widespread immune response.

Furthermore, the production of the chimeric antigen in insect cell provides Chimigen ® technology-derived product candidates with additional immunogenicity. The Chimigen ® intellectual property platform of Akshaya was employed for the development of a dendritic cell receptor targeted chemistry molecule portfolio that addresses various major medical demands with therapeutic as well as prophylactic applications (immunotherapies and vaccines).

The Business Strategy of Akshaya is to develop and market immunotherapeutic products for infectious and cancer diseases, currently being focussed on the immunotherapical vaccine for Chimigen ® HBV and the prophylactic prophylactic use of Chimigen ® SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), respectively.

Currently, Akshaya is in discussions with NIH-NIAID in support of the development of vaccines by HBV clinical studies and other American and Canadian government agencies. In order to advance product development, Akshaya seeks to attract venture financing. Read more at about Akshaya.

Cytovance and Akshaya come together for Vaccine – Stay with us to be updated with latest news.

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