Cyber Security and its Importance – Chapter 1

Cyber Security and its Importance – Chapter 1, been hearing about this hot topic but never actually explored this? No worries, you are at the right place.

If you came here to explore your goal towards cybersecurity, you are in the right hands and this will act as a stepping stone for your career. Well, this is not an advanced tutorial but this basically deals with all the nontechnical stuff which means if you are a beginner then this might help you in understanding the concept of security and would also help you in making your mind stronger for further advanced concepts.

Cyber Security and its Importance – Chapter 1

We ensure you would get familiar with all the terminologies that are used in ethical hacking and cybersecurity space, we will be arranging quizzes, blogs articles in this tutorial and I request you all to please read them and take them because quizzes are made to make your mind sharper and make your concepts both sharper and better. We have also attached a gift inside this whole course well I would keep that as a secret because if you will enroll in this course you will get that at the last of this course.

What is Cyber Security?

The bookish definition that you will get on the Internet cybersecurity means protecting systems networks and programs from digital attacks or cyber attacks basic definition you can get it on Google to so we will look at the definition the simplest form of definition so cybersecurity means keeping everything you do online safe so this was all about cybersecurity.

What is Information Security?

The definition that you can clearly find on Google or any other authorized website, that information security is often referred to as infosec this is a synonym of information security an acronym you can say this refers to the process and tools designed and deployed to protect sensitive business information from modification, destruction and inspection.

I guess 50% of you might have understood what does this definition mean and to the rest 50%, I will tell you a small debate of definition or you can say a short definition of information security it is a practice of only allowing access to information to people in an organization who are authorized to see it.

Difference between Information Security and Cyber Security?

The main difference between these two is cybersecurity deals with protecting your data and information that is in digital electronic form whereas, information security it deals with safeguarding your information that has both physical and digital format so you can say that cyber-security is a small part of information security because in information security it deals with all kinds of protection of data but in cybersecurity, it only deals with the digital form right.

Difference between Information Security and Cyber Security?
Credit: GeeksforGeeks Difference between Information Security and Cyber Security?

Three important principles of Cyber security

The principles are known as the CIA triad, i.e:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

What is Confidentiality?

Confidentiality simply means privacy, that could be any confidential record privacy of a nonprofit organization, the privacy of an individual, privacy of an organization, which means authorize people would be able to view the authorized information.

What is Confidentiality?

It means authorized person would be able to view the authorized information, the method used to ensure confidentiality is

  • Data Encryption
  • Password
  • Security token/ authentication

Security token/ authentication is a small hardware device that the owner carries to authorize access to network service well this device may be in the form of a smart card ok so this was all about security token.

What is Integrity?

Integrity means maintaining consistency accuracy and trustworthiness of data which means data cannot be changed by an unauthorized person. If I have my Facebook ID and only I can log in if someone else login to my Facebook ID and he does something wrong then that means that my integrity is not protected so the method used to ensure your integrity is first is a checksum.

What is Integrity?

Checksums are an error detection method in the transmitter which computers are numerical value according to the number of the set on and set BITS in a message write and it sends it along with each message at the receiver and the same checksum formula is applied and if the message frame retrieves the same numerical value that the sender cents in the front and then the received.

User access control and this thing are well access control suggests the way of limiting the access to a system or two physical or virtual resources and in cybersecurity, this means that the users are granted access and certain privileges to systems resources or information.

Cryptographic checksums: this is just the same as checksum but this is used in Cryptography like in blockchain technology in Bitcoins and several different types of coins.

Availability: data is available to authorized people when required without delay when I search for something on Google I find it in a few seconds by the click of a button so this means that I have the availability of data say these safeguards against Data loss or interruptions in the connection like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoSattack & DoS attack.

Methods used to ensure availability are:

  • Backup: Backup a must and I think you know what is a backup.
  • Firewalls.
  • Proxy Servers.

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Cyber Security and its Importance – Chapter 1

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