COVID Vaccines Are Safe & Secure! No worries: Says Ministers & Officials

    COVID Vaccines Are Safe & Secure! No worries: Says Ministers & Officials

    The government has established a robust infrastructure to resolve potential adverse effects following immune events.

    Hyderabad: Vaccines approved by the Covid-19 Fighting Center were safe, and no fear required, officials from the health department said on Friday here.

    Health Minister Etela Rajendar, who described himself as the ‘captain’ of health workers in the country, said: “The Indian Drug Controller General approved their use only after extensive trials. Some people are concerned about side effects. You must note that penicillin, which has saved decades of lives, is never given without a test shot even now, all these decades.”

    Dr K. Ramesh Reddy, Director of Medical Education, and Dr G. Srinivasa Rao, the Health Services Director, who spoke earlier that day at a press conference, also highlighted the safety of vaccines.

    Dr. Rao noted that while lakhs of Covid-19 vaccine were given in 26 countries, no adverse reaction led to a single death. “The economy hurts. It’s time for the pandemic to stop. We advise the media not to sensationalize vaccine reactions. We should all give the people trust,” he said.

    There can be widespread reactions such as swelling and discomfort at the injection site; some may have a fever just as many other vaccines do. He said that even widely used headache medications can have side-effects.

    Dr. Ramesh Reddy said that, in compliance with the Center’s guidelines for India, no vaccine would be provided to anyone under the age of 18, pregnant women or lactating women. This is because the vaccine is not effective, but because the trials did not reach these parts of the population.

    No vaccine will be offered to those with a prior history of serious anaphylactic reactions, he said. Anyone with blood clotting disorders will not also obtain the vaccine. Certain reactions are inherent in any vaccine and suggest that the body responds and produces antibodies. When the second dose is taken, the typical reactions can be more pronounced. Any overreactions may be possible, however, adverse reactions may occur at the rate of one person per lakh, he said.

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