COVID: How do you get tested for Current Infection?

COVID: How do you get tested for Current Infection?

  • Safeguard yourself and others. Use mask, regularly wash your face, keep 6 ft.
  • Talk about who should be checked
  • Persons with COVID-19 symptoms

People in close contact with a reported COVID-19 person (within 6 feet of an infected person for a period of 15 minutes or longer).

Individuals asked for or referred to by the supplier, the local symbol, or the state health department to be checked.

Not all must be checked. If testing takes place, you can self-quarantine/isolate yourself at home and obey the advice of you or a public health professional.

Move up for your own safety

You should take preventive steps to protect yourself and others if you test positive or negative for COVID-19.

How do you get a test?

A viral examination test samples for the latest COVID-19 infection. The time it takes for these samples to be analyzed is different.

  • For the latest local testing information, visit the website of the state or the local health department.
  • Contact your health care provider first if you have signs of COVID-19 and want to be checked.
  • It is necessary to stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms and are not checked. Find out if you’re sick what to do.

After a viral test, what to do?

Please search your department, including your health care provider or your health department to find out your test results. It depends on the test you use how long it takes to receive the test results.

You know what defensive measures you can take if you are sick if you screen for COVID-19 positively

Most individuals are suffering from mild COVID-19 and can recover without medical treatment at home. If your symptoms are worse or if you have concerns about your wellbeing, please contact your healthcare provider.

Possibly you were not contaminated when your sample was obtained if you screened COVID-19 negatively. You won’t get sick because of this:

A negative test result just means your sample was not obtained early in your infection or that you have no COVID-19 at the time of testing.

After the examination, you can also be exposed to COVID-19 and become infected and transfer the virus to others.

COVID: How do you get tested for Current Infection?
COVID: How do you get tested for Current Infection?

COVID: How do you get tested for Current Infection?

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