COVID-19 Clinical Trial: Monoclonal Antibody Analysis

COVID-19 Clinical Trial: Monoclonal Antibody Analysis

West New Yorkers who previously had been introduced to a member of the household who tested positive for COVID-19 now have a chance to be treated with a promising treatment for COVID-19 infection.

The Buffalo University researchers are attracting household participants to the U B review of Regeneron’s national clinical trial of REGN-COV2 research anticuerpos cocktail who have tested positive for COVID-19. The medicine has demonstrated that the current coronavirus prevents its infectiveness.

“We are glad to be able to give Western New Yorkers the chance to research this very interesting potentially CO Video 19 therapy at a time when our area is sadly unsettling,’ says Sanjay Sethi, MD, Senior Investigator, Professor of Medicine, and Head of the Division of Lung, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Sanjay Sethi.

Sethi is also director of UB’s Clinical Research Office and a physician with UBMD Internal Medicine.

May Reduce Symptoms in Those Exposed to COVID-19

The therapy for monoclonal antibodies is suspected to decrease the incidence of symptoms or even completely eliminate symptoms in persons exposed to COVID-19.

“If I test positive, for example, then every member of my household could be entitled if they had not begun symptoms,” said Sethi.

A significant consideration is the likelihood of hosting this trial in Western New York was the existence of an environment in which individuals exposed to new coronavirus could be handled easily without exposure to other patients.

Sethi explains, thanks to the efforts of Michael E. Cain, MD, Dean of Jacobs School and Vice President, Health Sciences, to make a Maple Road medical school in Amherst, which is not in use at this time, accessible for study.

“We are very grateful to the dean that this clinic that isn’t currently in use was made available to us so that we could proceed with this critical study,” Sethi says.

Antibody Binds to Spike Protein of Coronavirus

Potential participants at the site will receive a simple COVID-19 test. You will join whether you are optimistic or not.

Individuals who are symptomatic are not suitable for this review but may recommend taking part in UB mild-to-moderate COVID-19 care tests.

A single dosage of four subcutaneous injections (under the skin) of either a drug or placebo will be given to patients. Although the study is doubly blind, no one knows what the injections consist of, neither the participant nor the health staff who administers them.

This anticorps is produced in the laboratory and is engineered to bind to the spike protein of the coronavirus, so it will inhibit the virus’ capacity to enter cells and replicate. Instead of antibodies that contain the convalescent plasma, it has been retrieved from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial: Monoclonal Antibody Analysis

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