Coronavirus Relapse Cases | What does that mean?

    Coronavirus Relapse Cases | What does that mean?

    Coronavirus Cases: The whole world is facing the pandemic of coronavirus. With every passing day, the number of cases increases. Some cases of reinfection in different parts of the world are now registered.

    The first case of Reinfection

    On 24 August, the first case of reinfection was identified in Hong Kong where the corona symptoms were rediscovered by a 33-year-old man, who had recovered four and half months ago, was tested positively for the second time.

    Coronavirus Relapse Cases | What does that mean?

    In India, the first reinfection in Bengaluru also occurred, where the signs of corona are rediscovered by the 27-year-old woman and who has received positive tests for the second time 30 days ago. India has registered a total of three reinfections.

    Not only India but the US and Europe too reported reinfection cases.

    What are these instances of reinfection?

    According to the medical experts, the patients had not had adequate antibodies to combat coronaviral infection in all reinfection cases reported to date. Health officials have confirmed that the information about the CoV-2 virus is very little and a bigger portion is still concealed within the blanket.

    Further, patients may infect by the multiple strains of coronavirus rather than by viral discharge from the original or new infection in cases of reinfection to date. Researchers in Hong Kong also report that reinfection in COVID-19 disease is a common occurrence.

    Reinfection impact on future vaccines

    The currently developed vaccine candidates are designing the vaccine not only to help improve the immunity of the virus but also, in the event of re-infection, to reduce the disease’s severity. In vaccines acquired by individual applicants, the temporary immunity produced by the infection can enhance and increase.

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    Coronavirus Relapse Cases | What does that mean?

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