Chinese scientists say coronavirus began in India in the summer of 2019

    Chinese scientists say coronavirus began in India in the summer of 2019

    After alleging coronavirus originated in India last year, Chinese researchers faced criticism from other scientists. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have hypothesized that it was possible that Covid-19 was spread to Wuhan, where it was first identified, from animals to human beings through polluted water in India during the summer of 2019.

    The paper was really faulty’ and not contributing much to our knowledge of coronavirus’ Professor David Robertson, the director of the University of Glasgow Viral of Genomics and of Bioinformatics.

    Chinese scientists say coronavirus began in India in the summer of 2019

    Mr. Robertson said: ‘The author’s approach to identifying the “least mutated” virus sequences is inherently biased.

    In comparison, the authors overlooked the comprehensive available epidemiological evidence that indicates explicitly the occurrence of the virus in China and its dissemination.

    Chinese investigators say that it has a contentious Himalayan boundary in the background of violent conflicts between China and India. Growing tensions between the two countries resulted in a fatal crash this June, and since then the relationship has deteriorated further.

    The Chinese team has researched how the virus mutates to trace its origins. In their study. With minor DNA variations happening every time, all cells mutate as they replicate, and scientists contend picked the original virus variant by selecting the sample with the least mutations.

    This approach shows that the Wuhan virus was not the earliest variant according to their paper. They say that Covid-19 could have come from as many as 8 countries: Bangladesh, the United States, Greece, Australia, India, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, or Serbia.

    ‘From May to June 2019, in the north-central of India and Pakistan, which created a severe water crisis, the author wrote: the second-longest reported heat well. ‘The lack of water forced wild animals, including monkeys, to fight deadly for water which must certainly have improved the chance of contact between humans and wild animals.

    The University of California specialist, Marc Suchard, told the South China Morning Post that the system of Chinese scientists “shouldn’t yield the progenitor.” An additional researcher based in the UK said he’s ‘skeptical’ of findings published in the analysis. ‘We hypothesized that the propagation of the SARS-CoV-2 might have been related to the unusual heatwave.’

    In China last December, coronavirus was first described. It travels easily across the nation and contributes to a pandemic as it reaches the globe. None of the individuals who first contracted this virus is known, but it is actually difficult to determine specifically where or where the first outbreak occurred.

    The World Health Organisation has started to investigate the sources of the disease in China, but the UN agency has admonished it to be a riddle that may take many years to solve.”

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