China challenges the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus before the WHO sample

China challenges the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus before the WHO sample

It is also relieved that US President Donald Trump is on his way out of launching a tirade against China over the word “China virus” in COVID-19. Trump also condemned the WHO’s supposed influence over China.

On Friday, China stated that since COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, the global adversity over the coronavirus and a WHO survey on its origin did not indicate the spread originates in the central Chinese town.

In the last few days, several Chinese State-run media outlets have confirmed that several food products imported from different countries, including fish shipments from India, had been found to have COVID-11 traces that allegedly could have been transported by the virus to China via international routes.

When Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian questioned if this was the official opinion of China as well, he reported at a media briefing that although China was the first person to report coronaviruses, China does not necessarily mean the origin of the virus.”

“So we agree the mechanism of origin is a dynamic science topic involving collaborative efforts by the scientific community worldwide on COVID-19 cooperation. Only in this way should we shield ourselves from potential risks because tracking origin ensures that many countries and regions engage in an emerging and sustainable phase.”

His reaction as the WHO team was to investigate if the virus was detected in China, even though Beijing is already on track. It is expected that he will arrive in China.

There is also a feeling of satisfaction here that US President Donald Trump, who unleashed a COVID-19 tirade against China dubbed “China virus,” is going. Trump has condemned the WHO’s supposed influence on China.

The Trump Administration has officially told the UN not only of stopping the WHO funding but has also vowed to rejoin the US President-elect Joe Biden, who is withdrawing the United States from the global health agency.

In December last year after the coronavirus in Wuhan appeared, it became a global pandemic with a death rate of more than 1.4 million worldwide.

China has also denied reports that it emanated from a wet market in the area, from pats and pangolins before infecting humans, as well as dismissing US suggestions that the virus was a product of the clandestine bio-lab in Wuhan.
Since then the business has been shut down.

In May, the WHA, the governing body of WHO’s 194 Member States, adopted a resolution to set up an official commission into the international reaction and that of WHO, which will carry out an ‘impartial, independent and thorough analysis.’

They also ordered the WHO to investigate “the virus’ source and the way in which the human population is introduced.”

China, which sponsored the rider’s inquiry to begin after the coronavirus was controlled, has said it would be prepared to receive the expert team of WHO experts.

Earlier this week the WHO Emergency Specialist Dr. Mike Ryan told the media that his company had Chinese promises that the international trip on the ground would take place so soon as possible to investigate the sources of the latest coronavirus.

Ryan was quoted by the state-run CGTN on November 25 as that we expect a team to have on the ground.”

It is possibly “a point of amplification” for the dissemination of virus in Wuhan where the virus is believed to be originating, but whether this was human or animal replication or environmental spread, Ryan quoted him as saying in the article.

China challenges the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus before the WHO sample

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