CBSE Students Get To Download Certificates

    CBSE Students Get To Download Certificates

    CBSE has developed state-of-the-art technology for matching. This alternative allows students to download DigiLocker’s Digital Class X and XII academic documents

    Hyderabad: Are you a Class X-XII member of the Central Secondary Education Board (CBSE)? Do you have an Aadhaar card and are you having trouble downloading your certificates from the DigiLocker with your cell phone?

    CBSE has developed a special way of supporting these students. According to CBSE, it has provided students in its associated schools with digital academic documents through its academic repositories ‘ParinamManjusha’ and DigiLocker.

    CBSE Students Get To Download Certificates

    CBSE says that 12 academic records of students are currently being uploaded to DigiLocker from 2004 to 2020, which in turn allows students to download marks sheets, immigration certificates, and pass certificates to have the results on the day of reporting. Students who have issues with their mobile telecoms with the incorrect number have the option of opening Digilock

    However, international students and students without Aadhaar numbers have been faced with problems in the opening and download of their academic certificates. CBSE has now developed state-of-the-art face-to-face technology to resolve this issue.

    This choice will allow students to download their digital Class X and XII academic documents using the “Face Matching Technology” option.

    All that a student has to do is download the application and capture the live photograph, and it will, in turn, be compared to the photograph on the CBSE admittance card already stored in a repository and then the certificate is e-mailed to the students after the match of the live captured photo and the photograph already stored in the CBSE database has been successfully matched.

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