Burger King Doubles Its Share Price On Its Debut

    Burger King Doubles Its Share Price On Its Debut

    In a nation with 268 outlets, Burger King had set its share IPO price band at € 59-60 for a subscription, open on 2-4 December. By December 2026, it expects to open 700 restaurants, including corporate branches and sub franchises.

    MUMBAI: Burger King India Ltd. saw the Monday stock list with stocks jumping 100% after its initial public bid of ₹810 crores was subscribed 157 times last week.

    At +115.35 on BSE, the stock was opened and a high of ₹119.50 per piece impacted. At 1005am, the scrip stood at ₹110 up from ₹660 per share, up 86.7% from its issue price. At 46,210 points, the Sensex benchmark rose 0.24%.

    Burger King Doubles Its Share Price On Its Debut

    In the country of 268 stores, Burger King had developed its IPO price range of ₹59 to ₹60, an activity open for subscription on 2-4 December. By 31 December 2026, the company plans to open over 700 restaurants, including corporate branches and sub-franchise businesses.

    The IPO is priced at an upper price point of ₹60.00, at a 2.7 times sell-to-price ratio of the fiscal year 2020 sales. In contrast, according to experts, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd is 8.4-fold, while West Life Growth is 4.4-fold.

    In addition, the value of the business per-store (gross market cap/stores) is ~a factor of ₹8.8 in contrast to the total factor of ₹26,2 and the total value of ₹23,8 in relation to the factory Jubilant FoodWorks.

    “While the COVID-19 crisis has impacted short-term growth, we assume that, due to its strong brand position, varied product options, well-developed supply chain, ambitious expansion plans, cost containment, and the steady recovery of the rapidly-serviced restaurant industry, it is well placed to sustain long-term growth.

    Burger King plans to use these proceeds to reimburse loans and to expand its IPO. Everstone and its co-investors will be reaping 360 crores as current private equity partners. In the case of Burger King India, anchor investors spent a total of 364.5 crores.

    The reserved portion of investors was 68.79 times subscribed while the reserved portion was 86.48 times subscribed for eligible institutional investors and 357.45 times that of high net investors.

    The company posted revenue of ₹ 135.20 crores by September, while revenue of ₹ 841.20 crores reported for fiscal 2020. The organization also has a net profit to show. However, the gross margin, profits before debt, taxation, depreciation, and amortization, and a positive operating cash flow before COVID have been registered.

    Burger King Doubles Its Share Price On Its Debut

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