Better to worse India reports 37776 cases

Better to worse India reports 37,776 cases, India has agreed to extend the country’s ongoing lock-up after May 3 for a further two weeks to May 17 while enabling various relaxation sets in red, orange and green areas.

The special migrant train will bring on Saturday from Jaipur to Bihar a total of 1,240 passengers. Five more trains are reportedly scheduled to carry migrants back to their countries of origin. There have already been 37,776 confirmations in the nation and 1,218 deaths.

The WHO, in its statement, said that “the health body is confident that this virus is natural to the origin, in the midst of the questions the US posed on the existence of the current coronavirus.”

On May 1, China, facing the brunt of the pandemic, reported only one new case of Covid 19. In addition, Covid-19’s death toll increased in France by 218 to 24,594, and in Great Britain, it exceeded 27,510.

In over a dozen states and Union territories, the outbreak has been declared an epidemic, invoking provisions of the Epsis Act of 1897 and shut down educational institutions and other commercial establishments. As most confirmed cases were related to other countries, India suspended all tourist visas.

The State Cabinet agreed to follow in the following day after the central government had extended the national lockdown to May 17. However, it has declared relief in non-containment zones of the State by enabling a resumption of key operations in infrastructure and the reopening of special economic areas with restrictions on export/export units.

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