As health deteriorates, Lalu moved to AIIMS-Delhi

As health deteriorates, Lalu moved to AIIMS-Delhi

Ranchi, Jan 23 (PTI), Chief RJD Lalu Prasad was moved to AIIMS-Delhi on Saturday after his health deteriorated in the hospitals, officials said.

Prasad (72), convicted of fodder scam, has been subjected to treatment for several ailments here at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (RIMS).

“Lalu Prasad is having trouble breathing for the last two days. On Friday, he was found to be having pneumonia. Considering his age, we have decided to shift him to AIIMS- Delhi on the advice of doctors for better treatment,” said Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, Director of the RIMS, to PTI.

According to the advice of the Medical Board, Prasad was granted permission for treatment at AIIMS-Delhi for approximately one month, Birendra Bhushan, State Inspector General of Prisons, said.

Based on the weekly health updates from AIIMS-Delhi, he said that he may also stay for an additional period if necessary.

At 7:30 p.m. his Air Force left Ranchi airport and arrived in Delhi at about 9:30 p.m., RJD Chief of State Abhay Kumar Singh said.

Lalu Prasad’s wife Rabri Devi, Teyashwi Yadav’s son, and Misa Yadav’s daughter, he said, were with him.

On Friday night they arrived in Ranchi and met Prasad.

Tejashwi told reporters that the state of his father was alarming. During the day he also met Chief Minister Hemant Soren in his home.

On Friday, the Jharkhand High Court heard of the prison manual breached by Lalu Prasad during his admission to the RIMS, pulling up the hospital officials, the prison administration, and the state administration.

The case is to be heard next on 5 February. ACD ACD PTI IKD

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