Apply E-pass from home during the lockdown

Apply E-pass from home during the lockdown, In order to contain coronavirus spread, India recently entered the fourth stage of lockdowns. Several relaxation measures for 4.0 have been announced. It also launched a new movement pass application website. The e-Pass services are currently being developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) in 17 states across India.

These e-passes are intended for people who wish for specific reasons to travel from one state to another. Not only does the website allow the public to apply for e-pass but it also allows them to check the status of their application.

These e-Passes can only be used in certain categories of travel according to the guidelines on the website. These include students, service providers essential for marriages, tourists, pilgrims, emergency and medical trips. You must provide all the necessary details to demonstrate your travel requirement.

Follow our step-by-step guide to apply for an e-pass on the website:

You should keep these things handy before you start the application process.

  • Maintain the scanned copy of the required documents.
  • An active telephone number for OTP verification with SMS service.

Steps in e-pass application using the Indian government ‘e-pass for lock-down movement’

1. Open “” on your PC or phone

Open "" on your PC or phone

2. Choose the state you are in and ‘Select State to Apply e-Pass’ drop-down

Apply E-pass from home during the lockdown

3. After that, a list of all the e-pass services the individual state currently provides will appear. Click on the pass type that will be requested

For example, Arunachal Pradesh has 3 different types of passes-a vehicle pass, a standard work person and an exempt work pass.

4. It will then forward you to the national e-pass portal, fill out all necessary information, upload documents and submit a request.

5. Note the application number to track the status of the application once you have submitted it.

You are good to go now, once you apply for the pass and need to check for the current status of application follow these steps.

How to check e-pass application status

1. Open ‘’ on your PC or phone

2. Now, click on ‘Track Your Application’ button

3. Select state from the drop down menu

4. Choose the option ‘Through Application Reference Number’

5. Enter Application Reference Number in the assigned box, fill in the Captcha and click on Submit button to check your e-pass application status

6. If you don’t have your ‘Application Reference Number’, select the second option ‘Through OTP/Application Details’ and enter all the details asked to check the status of your application

Apply E-pass from home during the lockdown

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