Amid COVID-19, How To Tackle Mental Health?

Amid COVID-19, How To Tackle Mental Health?

“Fear, anxiety, and tension are natural reactions to actual or potential threats especially at periods when we experience confusion or unknownness. It is both natural and intelligible that the COVID-19 pandemic triggers people to panic, “said WHO.

It has become a problem for societies and businesses to understand that the pandemic impacts both emotional and physical well-being. The biggest concern may be that the infection will spread, but lock-downs have started to wear down people by being at home for months.

Many common emotions or conditions during infectious diseases outbreaks were reported in the Centers for Disease, Control, and Prevention:

Fear and worry about your personal safety and well-being, your financial condition, or the lack of support services on which you rely

  • Alterations of sleep or diet habits
  • Rest or attention problems
  • Enhancement of chronic illnesses
  • Enhancing states in mental wellbeing
  • Enhanced use of cigarettes, caffeine or other drugs

A series of guidelines have been issued by the British Mental Health Association to cope with mental wellbeing in a continuous lockout.

  • Stop uncertainty or presumption because it fuels anxiety
  • Try to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Keep healthy and well-nourished
  • Speak to your children to support them too
  • Seek to predict a depression because you have encountered a question of mental wellbeing
  • Keep alert and updated about the epidemic, but consider a compromise

While all of those tips apply, people such as healthcare professionals are faced with a different reality. Cristobal Thompson, Managing Director of AMIIF, said that the organization has reached an agreement with a consortium of clinicians who wish to help the wellbeing system as part of the AMIIF ‘s actions, because of the mental health consequences of the crisis.

In Mexico, organizations such as AMIIF attempted to discuss the issue and in an interview with MBN. “With the assistance of UNAM, we were able to create an advisory forum for these experts to spend their time helping fellow medical practitioners,” Thompson said.

In fact, businesses like UCB and Novartis provide their staff with resources to cope with their mental wellbeing. In an interview with the President of Novartis Mexico, Mr. Fernando Cruz, he said that the company “disposes of various digital mental health services and educational resources as well as training sessions that allow us to respond to the modern standard we live.”

Additionally, Mexican organizations, such as the Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz National Institute of Psychiatry, have launched an international phone line in order to offer help to individuals who are dealing with mental health issues and many others in times of transition.

Amid COVID-19, How To Tackle Mental Health?

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