AbCellera is seeking $175.6 million from the Canada Govt

AbCellera is seeking $175.6 million from the Canada Govt to develop COVID-19 solutions and to create an antibody drug manufacturing facility.

The world’s leading drug discovery technology from AbCellera discovers antibodies for future drug use in treatment and prevention of COVID-19

Today, AbCellera announced a pledge of up to $175.6 million to extend its efforts to discover anti-drug use antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19 and to build research and manufacturing infrastructures for antibody therapy for future use. AbCellera stated that it is funding the Government of Canada under the Strategic Innovation Fund for ISED.

The discovery platform of AbCellera antibody is used for searches of blood sample of patients recovering from COVID-19 in order to help in the discovery of anticörper medication and disease prevention.

Since one of the first samples in the North American population obtained from a recovered patient on February 25, AbCellera has reported more than 500 specific human antigens anti-SARS-CoV-2 as part of collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infection (NIAH) Vaccine Research Center.

AbCellera’s discovered antibodies can also be used to establish new diagnostic tests to help the medical community track the COVID-19 spread.

We pool money from our government to deal with COVID-19 to enable researchers and companies who work hard to build medical countermeasures to combat this pandemic. Today’s investment will allow AbCellera Biologics to rapidly find options for COVID-19 using its world-leading technologies while maintaining the long-term preparedness of Canada for future health concerns, “says Hon. Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

AbCellera previously announced that the company would build COVID 19 therapy to begin clinical trials in July 2020 with Eli Lilly and the Company. Within the framework of this cooperation, Lilly funds and leads the clinical development and testing of antibody therapies found by this partnership independently.

These are all affected by the disease and we are galvanized by our teams in order to fight this outbreak,” said AbCellera CEO Carl Hansen. “The government of Canada is proud to help us in finding fast solutions in the pandemic of COVID-19.”

The Strategic Innovation Fund funds Canadian companies that work on large and innovative research and development initiatives to provide COVID-19 with medical countermeasures, including vaccines and critical medical supplies, rapidly. The Fund is also creating a strategic innovation fund.

AbCellera provides funding from the City of Vancouver in addition to the Government of Canada. ‘Vancouver has a clear commitment to ensuring that AbCellera has the requisite resources to speed up recovery systems for the Vancouver-19 system,‘ said Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Vancouver City.

Phase 1 will develop and apply AbCellera’s world-class antibody discovery platform to classify entirely human antibodies for possible prevention and treatment of COVCID 19 and the future pandemics. “We are more fortunate to be in the forefront of this global undertaking thanks to AbCellera’s creativity and leadership.

This step is the first facility in Canada capable of moving from the patient sample to the development of clinical test antibodies and will help Canada prepare itself for future pandemics in the future. Step 2 will create a Good Manufacturing Practice (GM Practice) in Vancouver, B.C.

AbCellera is seeking $175.6 million from the Canada Govt – Keep visiting us for more News!

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