6 Ways on How to Stop Fogging Your Glasses while Wearing a Mask

6 Ways on How to Stop Fogging Your Glasses while Wearing a Mask

Yeah, it can be painful or annoying to wear a mask, particularly if it’s not used. Individuals who wear glasses, choose to respire correctly or use masks for a long time face different challenges.

Yet health care professionals, who have used face masks for a long time, have developed a variety of valuable workflows that we want to share with each other.

Why does your glass gets foggy when you wear a mask?

 if your eyeglasses are fogging when you put on a face mask, it’s because warm, moist air you exhale is being directed up to your glasses. To stop the fogging, you need to block your breath from reaching the surfaces of your lenses.

How can I stop fogging my glasses?

In people with glasses, the use of a mask may every their sight by fogging their lenses. When you breathe out, the top of the mask is shot up by your warm breath. It cools off, condensed or fogged as it reaches the cooler glass.

This is an infection risk that you have to have your glasses removed and re-inserted to clear. The goal is, therefore, to avoid or reduce fogging. Few ideas are here:

1. Soap and water

Wash your glasses with water and soap (like normal fluid washing), and then dry them with a microfiber sheet. Normally, each pair of glasses is free of this kind of tissue. Most optometrists will buy inexpensive microfiber cloths too. Lind will leave facial tissues, attracting lens humidity. Soap decreases friction on the surface and prevents fog from adhering to the lenses.

2. Shaving Foam

Shave foam — add a thin layer of rubber cream to your glasses, and then remove it gently. The residual rubber cream protects the lenses from misting.

3. De-misting spray

De-flake spray – a generic de-flake spray that dries easily can be used. But make sure that your lens form or current coatings are compatible. Online or from your optometrist, you can buy decoded spray.

4. Cover the gaps in your mask

Close the gap on operating masks — mould the surgical mask’s nose bridge to the face to reduce the distance between the hot moist and the glasses.

5. Make your face mask fit properly

You can get warm air from your mask if it does not suit your face well and your lens may fog. Make sure to pinch the top of the mask for your nose form while you are putting your mask on. Tighten the edges, too, if the mask leaves it.


To close the distance between the bridge of your nose and the top of your mask using the medical or athletic band. Use an adhesive bandage if you don’t have a tape.

6. Using a mask with a nose bridge

You are likely to remove your glasses if your mask fits loosely over your nose. Some masks sold are sewn with nose bridges – flexible stripes which allow your nose to bend and shape them. They are meant to make the masks more functional (because less moisture will escape), comfortable, and prevent the glasses from breathing.

You can make your own mask with twist ties or pipe cleaners if your mask doesn’t have its own bridge, or you could tape it down.

Its What requires to be improved

You may have to make several attempts to wear a mask. Yet your glasses should stay clear of fog, your hearing relaxed and any fear of wearing a mask should be minimized with a bit of test and error.

Wearing a mask in public is another thing we can do to ensure that the world and we remain safe, in addition to social distance and hand sanitation.

6 Ways on How to Stop Fogging Your Glasses while Wearing a Mask

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